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Native American and Indigenous Studies

Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) offers an undergraduate major, undergraduate minor, and a graduate minor. This interdisciplinary course of study examine the cultural, social, economic, political, and educational systems of Native and Indigenous communities. The NAIS program develops respect for, and understanding of, Native views, culture and history and provides learners with the Native perspective on contemporary issues. Students in NAIS develop and refine skills in creative and critical thinking and analysis and graduate prepared to succeed in any field they choose. Our majors and minors work both in and out of Native and Indigenous communities and are well-prepared to work as teachers, researchers, social workers, health care providers, resource managers, economic developers, and lawyers, to name a few.

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NAIS is housed in the Native American Education & Research Cultural Center

Native American Education & Research Cultural Center

Ambassadors of Indigenous Culture into Academic Discourse 

Students in the Native American and Indigenous Studies Program have unique opportunities to enrich their experience and the experience of others by participating in student organizations, campus-wide activities and engaging in leadership roles.

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