UW Launches New Health Care Information Web Site

January 9, 2008

The University of Wyoming has created a new Web site in response to the growing need for private and secure electronic transfer of health information.

The UW Center for Rural Health Research and Education (CRHRE) contracted the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center (WYSAC) to create the Wyoming Health Information Resource (WYHIR) at www.wyhir.org.

WYSAC recently administered a needs assessment survey on behalf of CRHRE to Wyoming health care professionals concerning online exchange of confidential health data. The information gained from this study was the catalyst for developing the Web site, says Rex Gantenbein, CRHRE director in the UW College of Health Sciences.

"WYHIR's main goals are to reduce variations in business practices and promote widespread adoption of safe, reciprocal e-transfer of health information in Wyoming," Gantenbein says.

The Web site includes many elements requested by healthcare professionals to explain procedures in the new field of e-interchange of health data. Notable features include a section devoted to clear and concise legal clarification, links to key health information exchange statutes, and updates regarding new federal and state legislation protecting electronic information.

WYHIR (pronounced "wire") will also make available consumer reviews, vendor information, identity theft information, healthcare rights and ethics, best-practices training, and information on technological advances and trends in the field.

The Wyoming Health Information Organization (WyHIO) manages the site. For more information, e-mail Gantenbein at rex@uwyo.edu, or Larry Biggio, WyHIO executive director, at contact@wyhio.org.

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