UW License Plate Sales Approach 1,700

May 28, 2008
Man and woman holding license plate
UW alumni Jen McDowell and Jerad Stack of Casper proudly display the 1,000th special UW license plate sold.

Sales of a special University of Wyoming license plate have reached nearly 1,700 and show no signs of slowing down.

The 2007 Wyoming State Legislature approved the new plate but required that 1,000 of them be sold by Dec. 31, 2116. The plates became available Jan. 1.

A Casper couple, UW alumni Jen McDowell and Jerad Stack, proudly display the 1,000th plate sold.

"We grew up in Wyoming and received excellent educations at UW," says McDowell, who received a B.S. degree in accounting in 2000. Stack earned both his B.S. (1998) and M.S. (2000) degrees in mechanical engineering.

"We moved out of Wyoming for our careers but, in 2007, we were fortunate enough to be able to move back to this wonderful state," McDowell says.

"Immediately after the UW plates were released, we ordered sets for all our vehicles because the classic design expresses our pride in both our alma mater and our home state."

Robbie Darnall, executive director of the Office of Alumni Affairs in the UW Division of Student Affairs, says many others have expressed similar appreciation for the opportunity to display the attractive brown and gold plates.

"We are elated that this UW license plate is so well received by people throughout Wyoming," she says. "And it's a continuing program, so the opportunity to purchase these plates is still available to everyone who hasn't done so." She says individuals do not need to wait until their old plates expire to begin displaying the new plates. The UW plates can be displayed for 10 years.

Applications for the UW license plate are available at the county treasurer's offices throughout the state. Application forms and instructions are also available on the UW Alumni Association Web site at www.wyoalumni.com.

The plates cost $130, in addition to regular licensing charges, with $100 going to the university for scholarships and student programming and $30 to the Wyoming Department of Transportation. UW will provide WYDOT with a certificate of eligibility.

Call (307) 766-4166 for more information.

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