New Bicycle Rules To Be Enforced on UW Campus

August 21, 2008
Four bicyclists
Cyclists cruise around Prexy's Pasture.

Several new bicycle dismounts zones have been created throughout the center core of the University of Wyoming campus, and the UW Police Department will start enforcing new policies when classes begin Aug. 25.

Fines for riding a bicycle through a dismount zone start at $25. The UWPD advises students that the dismount zones include the crossings through Prexy's Pasture.

"New signage will be located around campus to indicate where the dismount zones begin," says Matt Caires, assistant dean of students and chair of the UW Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety (BPS) Committee.

"We'd prefer not to write tickets for violating the bicycle policy, but we plan to do so for repeat offenders," Caires adds.

The master plan for bicycle safety was unanimously approved by the ASUW Senate in March and endorsed by the UW Executive Council in May, he says.

The committee has worked closely with Greg Jordan, manager of UW transportation and parking, as UW implements the new shuttle and parking program this fall.

"We know parking a car on or near campus is increasingly becoming difficult," Caires says. "We hope more students, faculty and staff will start leaving their cars at home and start riding their bikes or walking to campus."

The UW Physical Plant has also made a significant investment in additional bicycle parking racks through the campus in preparation for additional bike commuters this fall.

For more information or questions, visit the BSP Web site at or e-mail Caires at

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