Office of the Registrar Gets Students Involved

October 29, 2008
Woman assisting two students
Registrar assisting students at the Office of the Registrar desk.

To encourage more students to read the front section of the class schedule, the University of Wyoming Office of the Registrar will award two $250 gift cards to the UW Bookstore to two students who find a statement placed in the printed copy of the spring 2009 class schedule.

Students who find this statement are directed to a Web site where they are asked to complete a few questions to determine where they found the statement. Students who answer these questions correctly will be entered into a drawing for one of two $250 gift cards to the bookstore.

"The statement is not available in the online class schedule so students cannot use technology to search the schedule. They will have to read it," says Tammy Aagard, UW registrar. She says the front section includes important information about policies, procedures and deadlines.

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