UW Graduate School Recruits in China

October 13, 2008

The University of Wyoming Graduate School's recruitment efforts will span the globe as graduate admissions coordinator, Michell Anderson, tours China through Oct. 21.

"The Year of the Rat Recruitment Tour, 2008," is one of two tours the New Jersey-based English Learning System (ELS) program has coordinated for October. UW and 28 other universities and colleges in the United States participate in the tours that will present an American face to prospective students in China.

Anderson, from Wiggins, Colo., secured a $15,000 travel grant through ELS, and will make the tour with other admissions coordinators, international recruitment directors, outreach managers, and other university professionals from all over the United States.

"The tour's main focus is to meet with ELS counseling agents to introduce our programs and admission requirements to full-time counselors and counseling managers on a face-to-face basis," says Anderson.

"The University of Wyoming has been working with ELS for only a couple of years, so we're still in the development stages of this program," Anderson says. "The future of this cooperative effort can be bright because both sides are committed to its potential."

Working with graduate students, of which the Chinese international student population comprises fully one-third, is one of many areas in which Anderson excels. Anderson aims to "professionally expose potential graduate students to UW's offerings -- both academically and in our community, especially our research opportunities through graduate studies."

She adds, "I also hope to bring home a redefined partnership with ELS. The one-on-one dialogue we will get in the meetings will allow an opportunity to develop our working relationships."

The trip itinerary is strenuous, allowing travelers just one day in the midst of their professional contacts, to take in the Great Wall of China and Tiananmen Square.

The American Education Center Campus in Shanghai will be a focal point of the group's work. There, in addition to ELS agent workshops, a four-hour recruitment fair will be offered. Consulate market briefings will occur at each stop to familiarize the group with the smaller-area demographics and opportunities available to them.

Anderson holds a bachelor's degree in business administration with a minor in public relations, and is now working on her second bachelor's degree in accounting. She plans to pursue a master's degree in accounting as well.

"Working in admissions gives me a chance to really brag about our school," she says.

"It's exciting to see her be so proactive in our international outreach efforts. This is precisely the kind of activity the Graduate School is cultivating to increase our visibility and effectiveness for all of the university's academic colleges," says Don Roth, Graduate School dean. "I look forward to seeing what she brings back; this is really positive."

For more information on the ELS program visit www.els.com, and for more information on the University of Wyoming Graduate School, visit www.uwyo.edu/uwgrad. E-mail Anderson at manders2@uwyo.edu.


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