UW President Tom Buchanan's Statement on the Governor's 2009 Supplemental Budget Recommendations

November 29, 2008

University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan on Saturday issued the following statement in response to Gov. Dave Freudenthal's 2009 Supplemental Budget recommendations:

"While we in Wyoming remain extremely fortunate to continue to have a strong state revenue picture, economic reality requires the caution and thoughtfulness reflected in the governor's budget recommendations for the university.

"The renovation of the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory, as part of a joint state lab project, is long overdue and will permit the university to fulfill its statutory obligation to serve the state. This fits hand in glove with the governor's recommendation for funding to lay the groundwork for a research consortium to pursue development and testing of a brucellosis vaccine.

"I am particularly pleased with the recommendation that planning for the much needed Fine Arts project should move to the next level. It is also gratifying to see continued support for matching funds for both endowments and facilities.

"The governor's budget also recommends continued use of federal Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) funds to sustain and expand the University's portfolio of energy initiatives. Not only are there funding recommendations to sustain the UW/GE gasification project and the clean coal research program, AML funds are also proposed to develop a partnership with the private sector for a carbon sequestration project. This will enable the university to leverage federal grant funds we have already secured. Moreover, the recommendations provide for the School of Energy Resources to develop a Uranium Research Center and for the support and development of reclamation ecology research and outreach programs.

"I do plan to continue to talk with policymakers about funding for the university's parking and transportation proposal. That plan was developed jointly by the City of Laramie, the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the university, using a firm with recognized expertise in parking and transportation systems. Prepared with substantial public input, it enjoys enthusiastic support from both Laramie's citizens and the university community. The partial implementation of the plan we have undertaken has been resoundingly successful. I am convinced that this is the right approach to solve the long-standing parking and transportation problem at the university and I strongly believe that we should act now to fully implement the plan."

The governor's recommendations can be found at www.uwyo.edu/uw/budget.

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