UW Launches Brand Perception Survey

January 14, 2010

The Institutional Marketing Department is excited to announce the launch of a brand perception survey which will run through January. A recent internal analysis of UW's marketing efforts revealed the need to develop and synchronize an institutional marketing plan. To effectively market UW, we must first understand the perceived value of the University of Wyoming.

UW has partnered with Corona Insights to execute the brand perception survey. After a thorough review of internal units and state and regional firms, we selected Corona Insights as they specialize in brand research, including higher education brand research, and are able to provide an incredibly knowledgeable, cost effective, and time-sensitive solution.

The Institutional Marketing Department is firmly devoted to implementing a long-term marketing approach that provides measurable results in line with UW's marketing goals.

Further discussion is welcomed. Please contact uwmktg@uwyo.edu with question or concerns

Thank You,

Montica Willmschen
Director of Institutional Marketing

Example of a Similar University Project
A case study of a similar effort can be analyzed to understand the potential gains. In the early 90's, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute conducted a branding study to gain insight into how their constituents viewed and interacted with their "brand". Utilizing this data the institution was able to form a clear position from which to market themselves. Results of this effort showed valuable and cost-effective gains for the university.
A few highlights include:

  • A 25-point jump in the SAT scores of incoming students within the first year, demonstrating the school was able to attract students of a higher academic caliber.
  • A $360 million gift, which at the time was the largest single gift ever given to a university.
  • A capital campaign of $1 billion, which at that point in time was the largest in its history.


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