Adrienne Freng Receives WSC Service Award

April 26, 2010
woman smiling
Adrienne Freng received the Western Society of Criminology's Lohman Award for outstanding service.

The Western Society of Criminology presented its Joseph D. Lohman Award for outstanding service to Adrienne Freng, associate professor in the University of Wyoming Department of Criminal Justice.

The award recognizes Freng's service in a number of capacities since joining the organization in 2000. She has served as president, vice president and executive board member, which included service on several committees including the constitutional and nominations committee. She was program co-chair for three years.

The Western Society of Criminology is a regional professional society devoted to the scientific study of crime. Membership includes criminology scholars, students, government officials and public and private practitioners from around the world.

Freng's research focuses on criminology and juvenile delinquency race and crime and American Indian issues research methods. She has examined the educational experiences, lethal violence and gangs among American Indian populations, and has written publications and given presentations regarding minority portrayal in media, the role of race in gang membership and violence, and American Indian issues.


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