UW's Contributions to Geology Now Electronically Available on GeoScienceWorld

April 9, 2010

The University of Wyoming Department of Geology and Geophysics recently completed a major electronic conversion of the scientific journal "Contributions to Geology." It is the predecessor journal of "Rocky Mountain Geology" (RMG), a peer-reviewed scientific journal published biannually by UW.

The entire 36-year collection can now be accessed on RMG's electronic archive on GeoscienceWorld (www.geoscienceworld.org), a nonprofit corporation formed by a group of leading organizations dedicated to making geoscientific research and related information more easily and economically available through the Internet.

The "Contributions" archive consists of all 68 issues that were published from 1962-1998, including four special papers. All articles are now available for download at http://rmg.geoscienceworld.org/archive.

"We are excited to complete this massive conversion because it will simultaneously offer easy access to this extensive collection to academics, researchers and students from across the globe, and also create a permanent and complete archive of the journal," says Brendon Orr, RMG managing editor. "Several issues have gone out-of-print through the years and now each and every article from ‘Contributions' is readily available on the Web."

In addition to being able to access individual articles on GeoScienceWorld, interested customers can also now purchase the entire digital archive of "Contributions" on CD or DVD for $50. The digital archive includes individual article PDFs, along with files for the cover and table of contents. Customers can purchase the archive on two CDs or one DVD.

Two UW Department of Geology and Geophysics emeritus professors , Donald W. Boyd and Jason A. Lillegraven, served as co-editors of the journal through much of its publishing history.

For more information about the journals "Contributions to Geology" and 
Rocky Mountain Geology," including order, submission and subscription information, visit the Web site at http://pubs.gg.uwyo.edu.

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