LRDP to Be Distributed this Week

June 6, 2010

The University of Wyoming Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) final printing has been completed and the volumes will be distributed to campus departments and local government entities this week.

Approved in January by the UW Board of Trustees, the LRDP will be administered by the Office of the Vice President for Administration and the Facilities Planning Office. It establishes principles and provides an infrastructure and land use plan for future development of the campus.

The LRDP will enhance campus connectivity, guide the use of open spaces and the location of future construction, and support existing campus services.

"While the LRDP provides an essential framework for guiding long-term physical development of the campus, the Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) will continue as the authoritative statement of information regarding priorities, sequencing and timing of all UW facilities," says Douglas H. Vinzant, the university's vice president for administration. "Projects in the CFP will conform to the principles in the LRDP, but the CFP will contain the strategic priorities for facility development at the university."

To learn more about the LRDP, go to the Web site at

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