Spring 2010 Issue of Rocky Mountain Geology Published

June 30, 2010
Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden
The scientific achievements of Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden are revisited in the spring issue of Rocky Mountain Geology. (UW Department of Geology)

Rocky Mountain Geology Volume 45, Number 1, published by the University of Wyoming, is now printed and ready to order.

This scholarly journal is an important resource for professional earth scientists, says Brendon Orr, managing editor and editorial board member.

"The high-quality, refereed articles report original research by top specialists in every aspect of geology and paleontology in the greater Rocky Mountain region," Orr says.

The issue features articles on U-Pb geochronology of Proterozoic granites in Colorado's Sawatch Range; morphology and taphonomy of an exceptional trackway from the Flathead Sandstone (Middle Cambrian) of Wyoming; profiles of explorers John Strong Newberry and Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden; and other features.

More information about the issue, including purchasing instructions, is available on the journal's Web site, http://pubs.gg.uwyo.edu/RMG. The issue is also available for download at http://rmg.geoscienceworld.org.

Other editorial board members are Professor and Geology and Geophysics Department Head Art Snoke, Emeritus Professor Jay Lillegraven and UW alumna Sarah Garlick.

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