Tuesday Flooding Update

June 14, 2010

President Tom Buchanan has authorized four hours of release time per employee for any University of Wyoming employee who volunteers to assist with local flood relief efforts, as long as volunteers are being requested.

City and county officials say they will not need volunteers Tuesday, but will need volunteers for the rest of the week.

Because city officials have said they need a consistent number of volunteers for each two-hour shift and because the flooding may last through the week, President Buchanan asks all UW volunteers to contact the office of Nancy Fox, Environmental Health and Safety office, 766-3277 or e-mail to uw-ehs@uwyo.edu  to coordinate times and locations.

Because this is volunteer time and not a university assignment, employees are not covered by university Workers' Compensation benefits.

City officials are requesting volunteers to help with sandbagging beginning Tuesday morning.

Volunteers are requested to bring work gloves, sturdy boots and shovels.

For more information and updates, call the Albany County Public Health hotline at 721-1845.


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