Campus Construction Update for the Week of Aug. 1

July 30, 2010

These are among the construction activities scheduled Aug. 1-7 at the University of Wyoming:

The UW Facilities Planning Office reports the following activities scheduled for the week:

College of Business Expansion and Renovation (Grand opening is scheduled Thursday, Sept. 16, at 11 a.m.) -- Contractor continues punch list (final items to complete on list after walk-through of a project) items involving the building and furniture installation. Audio/visual installation continues.

Summit View Apartment Deconstruction (South of Willett Drive between Crane and Soule streets to Coe Street) -- Deconstruction is complete and finish grading continues. Materials were separated for recycle/re-use where possible. Fencing has been removed around the entire three blocks.

Summit View Apartment Deconstruction Phase II (South of Willett Drive between Crane and 22nd streets to Arrowhead) -- Abatement continues. The deconstruction contractor has begun separating interior materials for recycle/re-use where possible. The entire four blocks are fenced off, so pedestrian and vehicle traffice will need to go around the area. Utility disconnects are ongoing with no closures expected.

Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center (Scheduled completion: Fall 2010) -- Lewis Street remains closed from 9th to 11th Streets for contractor staging area. The following activities are scheduled to take place next week: First floor-- Continue ceiling grid, casework tops and fumehoods, painting, build out of the electrical and mechanical rooms, restroom tile, and build the shaftwall enclosures. 
Second floor -- Painting, grid ceiling, casework, restroom tile, duct work above ceilings, and build the shaftwall enclosures. 
Third floor -- Painting, duct work above ceilings, build the shaftwall enclosures, and casework. Rooftop Mechanical Room -- Metal wall panels, louvers, duct work, coil, and piping. 
Exterior -- Grading on south side for transformer wall, electrical duct bank, grading on south side for landscape boulders, stone on north and east sides, roofing on sloped roof, and windows on the south elevation.

Old Albertsons/Osco Deconstruction (15th and Spring Creek streets) -- Abatement is completed on the Albertsons building and continues on the Osco Building. Deconstruction/demolition continues on the Albertsons building, and both buildings have been fenced off.

Education Annex (Scheduled Completion: Fall 2010) -- Installation of art design and related finish upgrades continues on the second and third floors. Gypsum board, tape and texture work is scheduled this week. There will be no access to the second or third floors. Access to the elevator for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) route to first floor will remain.

War Memorial Stadium Expansion and Improvements (Scheduled completion: Fall 2010) -- The East Stadium parking lot remains closed until Aug. 26. East side restroom fixtures are being set. Upper east concrete coating continues. Seat installation continues in the club area. Evening and weekend work is scheduled through the summer.

Biological Safety Lab, Level Three (BSL3) additions to the State Veterinary Laboratory -- Interior remodeling work will continue on the north half and work continues in the existing necropsy laboratory.

The UW Physical Plant reports the following activities for the week:

McWhinnie Hall -- Tunnel repairs will occur in the McWhinnie/Education area next week. A staging area will be set up in the McWhinnie parking lot and an air tube will be installed on the south side of the Education Building. There should be little impact to traffic, but pedestrians should use caution around barricaded areas.

Biological Sciences Building -- The heat will remain off in this building until Aug. 16. Repairs to the heating system have been mostly completed, but the steam shutdown project will delay testing and balancing of the system.

Knight Hall -- Work should be completed on the east entry by Aug. 2 and it will be reopened for normal use. Signs will remain in place to direct traffic to an accessible entrance on the north side of the building until the east entry work is completed. Other entrances will remain open for building access.

Old Main -- Work on the east entry is scheduled to start in the second week of August. Special access needs should be arranged through the affected office in Old Main or by contacting Jeff Comin at (307) 760-5779 or by e-mail at Signage will be posted directing traffic to the west entrance.

Student Union -- Re-roofing over the Bookstore will continue through the middle of the week. Once complete, roof replacement will begin over the Ballroom and the staging area will move from the northwest side of the Union to the area between the Union and Coe Library. The pedestrian sidewalk will remain available. Use caution in this area.

College of Agriculture -- Roof replacement continues on the original building. The staging area is on the west side of the facility facing Prexy's Pasture.

19th Street -- Work on the east side of the street to place landscape blocks along the sidewalk at the raised landscape areas will move from the Regulated Materials Management Center to Animal Science/Molecular Biology Building next week. Use caution and watch for heavy equipment in the area.

Golf Course -- Work on the clubhouse parking lot will be complete by the middle of next week. Watch for heavy equipment in the area and use caution when entering and exiting the lot. Work will also continue on the east end of the golf course to complete a perimeter path around the course. There should be no access impact, but golfers should be aware of heavy equipment in the area.

Day Lot -- Well repairs continue at the east end of the lot. Please use caution around the work area.

UW Police Annex -- Repair of the retaining wall on the east side of the north parking lot is under way. The west end of the lot will be available for use. Please use caution when entering and exiting the lot.

Prexy's Pasture -- The grass islands in the walk south of the Engineering and Education buildings will be removed and replaced with concrete starting Aug. 2. The construction areas will be barricaded and pedestrian traffic should be only minimally affected. Please use caution around the equipment.

Campus Parking Lots -- Parking lot striping for this week will include restriping the parking on 10th & Lewis and restriping the Health Science lot.

Campus -- Electrical meter installation continues at various campus locations. Some minor obstructions to pedestrian traffic may occur.

Campus -- Excavation to locate and repair a chilled water leak will begin Tuesday, Aug. 3, at approximately the 1600 block of Willett Drive on the south side of the street. A portion of the street will be blocked off. Please use caution in this area.

Campus -- The sewer mains on King Street, Sorority Row and Fraternity Row will be cleaned between Aug. 3 and Aug. 10. Use caution around manhole accesses and equipment.

Please direct questions to the service desk, 766-6225.

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