Global Competition for Energy: Wyoming and the World

August 17, 2010

Western Wyoming College will host a University of Wyoming-sponsored symposium discussing the global competition for energy Wednesday, Sept. 8, at 2:30 p.m. in RSC 1302.

Panelists for the symposium are Mark A. Northam, UW School of Energy Resources (SER) director, on "Understanding Global Energy Markets in the 21st Century;" Jean Garrison, director of the UW International Studies Program, on "China's Rising Energy Demand and Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy;" Phil Roberts, UW associate professor of history, on "Exploring for Oil and Drawing Tribal Boundaries in the Arab Middle East;" and Ronald C. Surdam, director of the SER's Carbon Management Institute, on "The Future of Wyoming Coal: Lessons to be Learned from the China Example."

"Motivated by three simple but interrelated ideas, the symposium will focus on the issue of energy security, how to address the looming global energy crunch and how the world's response will determine future prospects for cooperation or conflict," says Garrison. "As an energy-producing state, Wyoming has a direct stake in the emerging volatile trends in the global energy market and a possible voice in determining solutions to the energy crisis."

The free symposium is sponsored by the UW International Studies Program, the SER and the UW Department of History.

For more information, e-mail Jeanette Reisenburg at

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