University of Wyoming Goes Paperless with Pay Stubs

August 22, 2010

Faculty and students returning for fall semester may not be aware that UW is no longer issuing pay stubs to employees. UW employees can now access their payroll information online.

In January, UW implemented Employee Self Service - a system for all employees to be able to access and change personal information online. In addition to personal information, such as your address, benefits, and tax data, you will also access your monthly pay stubs.

You may view your payroll information anywhere you have Internet access by using Employee Self Service through WyoWeb. If you're on vacation or between addresses, you will still have immediate access to the information on your pay stubs - federal withholding, annual and sick leave totals and what has been deposited in your personal account.

This change protects your personal information. It's also a step that will help us meet our commitment to be an environmentally friendly university, and it comes with significant savings, as well.

The day before each pay date, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your pay stub is available to view. Included in that e-mail will be a link to Employee Self Service and information regarding resources for any help you may need.

If you haven't done so already, please click on the UW Employee Self Service link on WyoWeb and familiarize yourself with this system.

For your convenience, we are providing an Employee Self Service user guide to assist you in viewing your personal payroll information.

If you have trouble accessing the system, contact the Information Technology Client Support Help Desk at 307-766-4357 or


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