UW Martial Artists Win Regional Gold at 2010 Rocky Mountain State Games

August 18, 2010
Two menw wearing medals
Ben Froidevaux and Harlan Post won medals at the Rocky Mountain State Games.

Two members of the University of Wyoming Karate Club won medals at the recent 2010 Rocky Mountain State Games regional competition held at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Medals were presented to instructor Ben Froidevaux, a fifth degree black belt, and Harlan Post of Apple Valley Calif., a UW senior in theater performance and ninth Kyu yellow belt.

Post received a gold medal in the Male Beginner/Intermediate Kobudo (weapons forms) Division and a bronze medal in the Male Beginner Kumite (sparring) Division.

Froidevaux received gold medals in both the Male Black Belt Advanced Kobudo and Kumite divisions and a silver medal in the Male Black Belt Advanced Kata (forms) Division.

The Rocky Mountain State Games is a regional multi-sport festival, featuring competition in 35 sports, with more than 6,500 registered athletes participating from Colorado and the surrounding states. The RMSG is recognized by the National Congress of State Games, a member of the United States Olympic Committee.

"In addition to our regular training in traditional Okinawan martial arts, competition in open traditional-style karate tournaments is a fun option available to students," says Froidevaux, who since 2005 has been a karate instructor at UW. "It is a great way to help develop traditional virtues such as spirit, discipline, self-confidence, respect and camaraderie."

Among the many students that Froidevaux has trained through the years, 21 have gone on to win medals for UW at the state, regional and national levels. For more information and training schedule, e-mail Froidevaux at reishemau@hotmail.com.



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