UW Martial Artists Win Regional GOLD at 2010 Rocky Mountain State Games!

August 12, 2010

Two Karate Club members including instructor Ben Froidevaux (from Neuchatel, Switzerland and 5th degree black belt) and Harlan Post (a UW senior in Theater Performance from Apple Valley, CA and 9th Kyu yellow belt), were recently awarded medals in the Karate Event at the 2010 Rocky Mountain State Games regional competition held at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs on July 31. Results were as follows: 1) Harlan Post --GOLD Medal (1st place)--Male Beginner/Intermediate KOBUDO (weapons forms) Division --BRONZE Medal (3rd place)--Male Beginner KUMITE (sparring) Division 2) Ben Froidevaux --SILVER Medal (2nd place)--Male Black belt Advanced KATA (forms) Division --GOLD Medal (1st place)--Male Black belt Advanced KOBUDO (weapons forms) Division --GOLD Medal (1st place)--Male Black belt Advanced KUMITE (sparring) Division The Rocky Mountain State Games is a regional multi-sport festival, featuring competition in 35 different sports, with over 6,500 registered athletes participating from Colorado and the surrounding states. The RMSG is recognized by the National Congress of State Games, a member of the United States Olympic Committee. As a karate instructor here at UW since 2005, Ben Froidevaux teaches traditional martial arts which focus on self-improvement and character development, through rigorous training that also benefits health, fitness, conditioning and weight control. According to Froidevaux (a 3-time national champion who also holds multiple state and regional titles in karate): "In addition to our regular training in traditional Okinawan martial arts, competition in open traditional-style karate tournaments is a fun option available to students. It is a great way to help develop traditional virtues such as spirit, discipline, self-confidence, respect and camaraderie, as well as an opportunity to put one's physical abilities and mental focus to the test, alongside peer competitors from other martial arts styles in a controlled and friendly atmosphere before a panel of qualified judges. Our university Division-1 and Club Sports athletes are very inspirational in their accomplishments within their respective sports, and I am proud to be able to teach and compete as a martial artist while bringing pride to UW that provides us with excellent training facilities, including the UW Group Fitness Program at Half-acre Gym and its staff of outstanding instructors." All medalists of the 2010 Rocky Mountain State Games automatically qualify for the State Games of America (SGA), the premier, national multi-sport event held every 2 years featuring 29 different Olympic and Pan American Game sports for amateur athletes of all ages and abilities. The medal winners from 49 State Games nationwide earn the right to compete in a national arena. Over 10,000 athletes participated at the 2009 SGA and the registration is expected to increase at the 2011 SGA, which is scheduled to be held August 4-7 in San Diego, CA. The University of Wyoming is proud of its award-winning martial artists and among the numerous students that Froidevaux has trained over the years, 21 have gone on to win medals for UW at the state, regional and national levels. For more information and training schedule, contact instructor Ben Froidevaux. 

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