UW Institutional Fundraising Priorities Unveiled

September 17, 2010

The fine and performing arts, nontraditional students, community outreach, energy resources development and athletics excellence are among the areas targeted for University of Wyoming fundraising activities through the 2011-12 academic year.

Fundraising priorities were presented today during a joint meeting of the UW Board of Trustees and the UW Foundation Board.

"Our fundraising efforts will continue to support priorities designed to achieve the vision established in our University Plan," UW President Tom Buchanan said. "We also recognize that as the needs of our students have changed, our need to support them, whether they are non-traditional students, military veterans or students who may have only the time to attend part-time, must change with them.

"I have worked closely with our deans and academic departments to identify areas of support that will strengthen our teaching, research and outreach mission. Many of these programs are important to the state's economic future."

The fundraising priorities chart the course of philanthropic activities for the university, Ben Blalock, UW Foundation president and CEO, said.

"These priorities are the catalyst to generate enthusiasm and excitement among the university's many dedicated supporters," Blalock said. "The priority list highlights a selection of important institutional projects for which the Foundation Board can offer assistance, but is not meant to be a comprehensive list of university-wide college and departmental fundraising initiatives."

He said the UW Foundation often works closely with donors who have specific areas of interest that might not be on UW's identified priority lists.

"Gaining private support is dependant upon listening to your supporters," Blalock said.

The major areas of emphasis for fundraising, and specific areas targeted during the period:

-- Exploring creativity and imagination in the arts: Fine arts excellence funds for the departments of Art, Music, and Theatre and Dance; and UW Art Museum master teacher endowed position.

-- Enhancing the graduate experience: School of Nursing BRAND scholarship program and College of Law scholarships.

-- Empowering the nontraditional learner: Scholarship and stipend support for nontraditional, part-time and off-campus students, including support for veterans.

-- Reaching out to Wyoming: Service to Wyoming and its residents: American Heritage Center History Day; College of Business Entrepreneurship/10K Competition; College of Law clinic and externship opportunities; Haub School, Ruckelshaus Institute, and Wyoming Conservation Corps teaching, research, and outreach; and speaker series partnerships with Wyoming Community Colleges.

-- Powering and sustaining the future: Energy Resource Center Technology Enterprise Fund; Engineering research facility; School of Energy Resources academies for K-12 students and teachers; natural gas engineering; and Wyoming Reclamation and Restoration Center.

-- Promoting civic leadership: Distinguished speaker series.

-- Cultivating a global perspective: International scholarship and study abroad opportunities.

-- Advancing athletic excellence: Half Acre renovation and addition; Tennis Facility enhancements; indoor golf facility; War Memorial Fieldhouse and Arena-Auditorium renovations; Corbett Pool.

-- Fostering academic innovation: College of Arts and Sciences Summer Independent Study Program; College of Agriculture and Natural Resources wildlife-livestock health and disease program; College of Business facility naming campaign and MBA distinguished speaker series; College of Education literacy program and center; College of Engineering and Applied Science center for student services; Geological Museum; Haub School faculty endowment; H.T. Person endowed chair; School of Pharmacy facilities expansion; and University Libraries collections.

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