UW Women Finish Third in Opening Fall Rodeo

September 13, 2010

This may be a wide-open Central Rocky Mountain Region (CRMR) this season for both the men's and women's divisions.

The University of Wyoming women's team got off to a decent start, but the Cowboys had a difficult time getting untracked in the opening fall competition last weekend at the Chadron State College Rodeo.

After last season, which teams such as Gillette College and Central Wyoming College dominated the men's ranks; and the Gillette women easily won the CRMR title over the UW Cowgirls, this year is already shaping up to be full of surprises.

Casper College dominated the Chadron State rodeo with 590 points, marking the first time in several years that the T-Birds have come up big. The UW men were a distant 10th overall. The host Chadron women won with 390 points, while the UW Cowgirls placed third with 180. The last several years, it's been either UW, CWC or Gillette College that has dominated the women's weekly regional rodeos.

But with so many new competitors up and down each lineup, the CRMR will be balanced, and UW Coach George Howard is relying on some of his veterans to pull through for him.

That was the case on the women's side, when returning College National Finals Rodeo returnee Josie Davison won the barrel racing competition to score 145 of the team's points. The Miles City, Mont., senior split first place with UW junior teammate Lizzi Snyder of Rye, Colo., both with two-run times totaling 30.32 seconds.

The final 35 team points came in goat tying. Kaycee Nelson, Buffalo, S.D., sophomore, tied for sixth in the average and teammate Dana Weiser, a senior from Wheatland, picked up sixth-place points in the short go run.

Casper College's Riley Scott won the all-around competition.

The UW men scored just 100 points on the opening weekend, getting points in only two events. Freshman tie down roper Clayton Van Aken of Descanso, Calif., was sixth in the average and Cameron Weddle also placed sixth in team roping with partner Bryce Simmons of Northeastern Junior College.

Brayden Huxtable of Casper College was named all-around in the men's competition.

Central Wyoming College hosts this weekend's rodeo in Riverton.

Listed are team scores from the Chadron State rodeo followed by the top six in the average:

Men's team scores -- Casper College (CC) 590 points; Eastern Wyoming College (EWC) 410; Sheridan College (SC) 340; Northeastern Junior College (NJC) 275; Chadron State College (CSC) 260; Central Wyoming College (CWC) 255; Gillette College (GC) 240; Laramie County Community College (LCCC) and Lamar Community College (LCC), 110; University of Wyoming 100; Colorado State University (CSU) 60; Otero College (OC) 40.

Women's team scores CSC 325; GC 290; UW 180; CC 160; CWC 157.5; EWC 95; NJC 90; SC 40; LCCC 32.5; CSU 10.

Bareback riding -- 1, Whitten Hoover, CSC, 149; 2, Justin Moldaschel, CC, 146; 3, Chance Madsen, CC, 143; 4, Shane Stevens, SC, 133; 5, Spencer Brown, Otero, 109; 6, Ty Taypotat, LCCC, 75 on one.

Saddle bronc riding -- 1, Ray Tom Meiers, CC, 140; 2, Charlie Kogianes, CWC, 125. Only two riders to mark on two.

Bull Riding -- 1, Chase Reed, LCC, 148; 2, Kris Newman, CC, 142. Only two on two rides.

Steer wrestling -- 1-2 split, Kelby Bond, NJC and Brayden Huxtable, CC, both 14.1; 3, J.D. Harrell, CC, 16.6; 4, Miles Spickelmier, CSC, 20.9; 5-6 split, Riley Krassin, CC and Russell Hipke, CSC, 23.9.

Tie down roping -- 1, Shay Carroll, NJC, 23.6; 2, Jake Gill, GC, 23.8; 3, Troy Wilcox, EWC, 24.6; 4, Dane Kissack, GC, 24.9; 5, Daine McNenny, CWC, 45.9; 6, Clayton Van Aken, UW, 10.4 on one.

Team roping -- 1, Troy Wilcox/Tee Hale, EWC, 15.3; 2, Allen Auer/Zach Scofield, SC, 16.7; 3, Brayden Huxtable, CC/Trae Seebaum, EWC, 21.8; 4, Hanna Brown, GC/ Daine McNenny, CWC, 26.6. All on two head.

Goat tying -- 1-2, split, Traci Hinman, CWC and Jordan Thurston, GC, both 14.8; 3, Heather Bregar, UW, 15.4; 4, Shelby Winchell, EWC, 15.5; 5, Laci Harper, UW, 16.1; Split for 6, Chelsey Kelly, SC and Kaycee Nelson, UW, both 16.5.

Breakaway roping -- 1, Kaylee Gallino, CSC, 6.2; 2, Kelsey Scott, CSC, 6.6; 3-4 split, Kelsey Smith and Cayla Allen, both UW, 7.6; 5, Kiley Scott, CC, 8.7; 6, Amanda Mason, CC, 9.4.

Barrel racing -- 1-2, split, Lizzi Snyder and Josie Davison, both UW, 30.32; 3, Marlys McGuire, GC, 30.45; 4, Samantha Tallent, NJC, 30.49; 5, Kiley Scott, CC, 30.53; 6, Megan Belus, CC, 3

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