Campus Construction Update for Oct. 31

October 29, 2010

These are among the construction activities scheduled Oct. 31-Nov. 6 at the University of Wyoming:

Tow Away Zone on Lewis Street -- New parking signs will be installed on the south side of Lewis Street. The signs read: "No Parking 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Nov. 1 to Mar. 31 Tow away zone." The signs are being installed to facilitate snow and ice removal along the street.

Notice: The South Shuttle Lot expanded parking area is now open for parking (where the demolition of the old Albertsons occurred at 15th and Spring Creek). It is a gravel surface, but a parking grid has been painted to show people where to park. The additional spaces should provide ample parking for the shuttle riders. This is a temporary solution  until complete reconstruction of the lot can occur.

The UW Facilities Planning Office reports the following activities scheduled for the week:

Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center
(Faculty scheduled to move in during December, facility will be open for spring semester) -- The drive between the Berry Center and the Bureau of Mines Building (9½ Street alley) will continue to have very restricted access and possibly be closed at times for Berry Center work.
Lewis Street remains closed from 9th to 11th streets for contractor staging area. The following work and installations are scheduled to take place next week: All floors: Cleaning, punch list work and commissioning is scheduled.
Roof: Rooftop Unit prefunctional testing and commissioning is scheduled.
Exterior: Topsoil may be installed if suitable soil is located, concrete after vaults are installed in the alley. Grading will take place at north side and  the final light pole will be installed.

UW Tennis Facility (Armory Road across from Little League Complex, scheduled completion: Feb. 15, 2011) -- Damaged materials are being removed.

Downey Asbestos Abatement (Final Report)  -- The contractor has removed textures, floor coverings, pipe fittings, and other materials that are exposed or would be compromised with construction activities. The asbestos-containing sealant at the window units will be removed at a later date and spot removal will occur if it becomes known that asbestos-containing material interferes with construction.

Downey Hall Renovation -- The contractor will continue on the north entrance area, backfilling, installing waterproofing, installing drain lines and concrete slab. At the interior of the building, demolition activities, fire suppression rough-ins and electrical removal will continue.

Visual Arts Center (22nd Street and Willett Drive near the Centennial Complex, scheduled completion is late fall, 2011) -- Foundation work and new utility excavation will continue during the week with possible street work for utilities. Relocating utilities will be under way along with some new utility work. Paving of north parking lot will start midweek. There will be frequent heavy construction traffic for delivery of materials throughout the week. Be aware that there will be construction traffic throughout the construction period. Foot and vehicular traffic will not be permitted across the site. There may be extended workdays and, weather permitting, there may be work on weekend days.

Education Annex
(Scheduled Completion: This fall) -- Access is open for scheduled classes. Installation of art design and related finish upgrades continues on the second and third floors. All major installations (aside from the feature wall) are complete. Feature wall installation is scheduled for November. Final furniture installation will occur this week.

Summit View Apartment Deconstruction Phase II (South of Willett Drive between Crane and 22nd streets to Arrowhead) -- Abatement is complete and the deconstruction continues. The deconstruction contractor is separating materials for recycle/re-use where possible. The landscaping buffer along both Willett and 22nd Street continues. All the trees have been planted along the landscaping buffer at 22nd and Willett with grass seeding planned for the spring. The entire four blocks are fenced off, so pedestrian and vehicle traffic will need to go around the area.

Biological Safety Lab, Level Three (BSL3) additions to the State Veterinary Laboratory -- Finish work continues on the old necropsy area. Final inspections are under way.

Kendall House
(Southeast corner of 8th and Fremont streets, is the new home of the Ruckelshaus Institute and Helga Otto Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Wyoming Conservation Corps) -- The basement punch list items should be completed by the end of the week.

The UW Physical Plant reports the following activities for the week:

Beta House
(east end of Fraternity Row) -- Concrete repairs will occur south of the building beginning Monday. The sidewalk will be closed and pedestrian traffic routed around the work area. Work should take about one week.

Lewis Street
-- New parking signs have been installed on the south side of Lewis Street next week. The signs read "No Parking 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Nov 1 to Mar 31 Tow away zone". The signs are being installed to facilitate snow and ice removal along the street.

Berry Center
-- Work continues around the service access road at 9 ½ and Lewis Streets to upgrade the west campus electrical service. The service road may be closed periodically to facilitate the work. Please be aware of equipment, trucks and barricades in the area.

Engineering -- Well testing continues between the Geological Survey and Petroleum Engineering wing next week as weather permits. Pedestrian access will be re-routed to the east, and the parking lot north of Geological Survey will be closed intermittently. Please use caution due to heavy equipment, trucks, barricades and fire hoses in the area.

College of Engineering
-- Stair treads will be replaced at the main building entrance on the west side to the basement. Please use the east stairway to access the basement.

Coe Library -- Painting of the south central stairway in old Coe is complete. Next week painting of the southeast central stairway will begin. That stairway will be closed to thru traffic, but will be usable in case of emergency. The project will take about two weeks. Please use alternate stairways.

College of Agriculture Building -- Painting will continue in the fourth floor hallway next week. Use caution around work areas.

Information Technology Center - Electric door hardware has been installed in several locations on the first floor next week. This project is complete.

Merica Hall -- Repairs to the dormer windows are complete.

Anthropology -- Construction on the west side of the parking lot is complete. Painting of the accessible spaces will occur next week and sod will be placed in the spring. The lot will be open for normal use after the painting is complete.

War Memorial Fieldhouse
-- A lighting replacement project is under way in the fieldhouse. Access to the infield is being coordinated with the athletics department.

Campus -- Irrigation systems winterizing is complete.

Please direct questions to the service desk, 766-6225.

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