VendingMisers Contribute to Energy Efficiency

October 25, 2010
Vending machine
Perched inconspicuously atop a pop machine, the Vendingmiser reduces electricity use on the UW campus. (Auxiliary Services)

Pop machines around the University of Wyoming campus are keeping beverages cold while saving electricity costs.

UW Vending Services has worked with Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Cheyenne to install 24 VendingMisers on Pepsi machines throughout campus to assist the university with its sustainability efforts.

Most effective in low-traffic areas, Vendingmisers reduce electrical consumption by powering down the machine when there is no motion in the area. The products' proper temperature is maintained and the machine will come back into operation when movement is detected.

Carolyn Smith, director of UW Auxiliary Services, estimates this will save approximately $2,400 in electricity costs during the year.

"We are fortunate to have a collaborative partnership with our beverage agreement provider and are pleased that we can assist the university in its sustainability efforts," Smith says.

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