UW Professor to Discuss Evolution Debate Nov. 9 in Casper

November 4, 2010

University of Wyoming Professor of Geology and Geophysics Ron Frost will discuss his new book, "Religion Versus Science: Where Both Sides Go Wrong in the Great Evolution Debate" at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 9, in Room 150 of the UW Outreach Building in Casper, 951 N. Poplar St.

"The great debate between scientists and Christians who affirm a literal interpretation of the Bible has been going on in the United States at least since the Scopes trial in 1927," says Frost. "I contend that the debate persists because the proponents of both sides see only a partial view of reality. Thus, although each side has some valid points to make in the debate, each also makes big mistakes in applying their views to reality as a whole."

In addition to his passion for geology, Frost has studied Shambhala Buddhism for more than 25 years. These studies have led him to his theory that, "unifies science and religion," says Frost.

For more information about Frost's book, visit www.ronfrost.com/Home-religion_vs._science.html.   

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