UW Spanish Professor Publishes Book on Mexican Feminism

November 15, 2010

Emily Hind, University of Wyoming Spanish assistant professor, recently had her book "Femmenism and the Mexican Woman Intellectual from Sor Juana to Poniatowska" published.

"With intelligence, knowledge, irreverence and humor, (this book) dispels our conceived notions about the construction of Mexican culture, women and feminism," says Beth Jorgensen, University of Rochester.

"Hind's cheeky tone engages readers' hearts and minds while teaching us what she knows (and what a lot she knows!) about the culture, society and literature of Mexico," says Gustavo Pellon, University of Virginia. "Those interested in feminist theory, Mexico, or the writing of women, ignore this darling and painstakingly researched work at their peril. Few critics today have Hind's intimate understanding of contemporary Mexico."

A large portion of young women in both the United States and Mexican university classrooms today do not self-identify as feminists, Jorgensen says.

"Hind makes steps to correct this and draws on poetry, short stories, plays, novels, photographs, personal correspondence, advertising and interviews to make visible the anti-feminine tendencies in feminism and to imagine a feminism that will appeal to the next generation of women," she adds.

A specialist in Mexican Studies, Hind has previously published a book of interviews with Mexican women writers and also conducted interviews with Mexican men authors in academic journals. She joined the UW faculty in 2005.

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