Campus Construction Update for Dec. 5

December 3, 2010

These are among the construction activities scheduled Dec. 5-11 at the University of Wyoming:

Notice - Window replacement will begin at the Aven Nelson Building. The west parking lot has been closed and fenced for construction staging throughout the project. The west entrance is closed, but will be available for emergency exit if needed; please use other entrances to the building. Scaffolding is being placed to facilitate the construction, which will move clockwise around the building. Please use caution around work areas.

The UW Facilities Planning Office reports the following activities scheduled for the week:

Energy Resources Center (1020 Lewis Street, former site of the old power plant) -- Site cleanup will take place with Berry Center contractor removing stored materials and equipment upon completion of the Berry Center. Fencing will be reconfigured to secure site.

Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center -- The main building is complete and tenants will begin moving in. Classes will be held in the spring semester. The drive between the Berry Center and the Bureau of Mines Building (9½ Street alley) is now open but may be closed periodically to demonstrate the vault that was abandoned after meter relocation. Lewis Street remains closed from 9th to 11th streets for contractor staging area. Some congestion may be experienced during offloading of lab equipment and furniture.

UW Tennis Facility (Armory Road across from Little League Complex, scheduled completion: Feb. 15, 2011) -- Steel erection work continues, work will be done on evenings and weekends for the next month.

Downey Hall Renovation -- The contractor will continue working on the exterior of the entrance area as weather permits. Utility rough-ins continues on the interior.

Visual Arts Center (22nd Street and Willett Drive near the Centennial Complex, scheduled completion is late fall, 2011) -- Foundation work and new utility excavation will continue during the week with possible street work for utilities. Utilities relocation will continue along with some new utility work. Erection of steel will start this week and will continue into December. The masonry work will continue into December. Be aware there will be additional truck traffic with delivery of structural steel in addition to frequent heavy construction traffic for delivery of materials throughout the week. Foot and vehicular traffic will not be permitted across the site. There may be extended workdays and, weather permitting; there may be work on weekend days.

Education Annex (Scheduled Completion: This fall) -- Access is open for scheduled classes. Installation of art design and related finish upgrades continues on the second and third floors. All major installations (aside from the feature wall) are complete. Feature wall installation is scheduled for week of Dec. 13.

Summit View Apartment Deconstruction Phase II (South of Willett Drive between Crane and 22nd streets to Arrowhead) -- Deconstruction on the four blocks is nearly complete. The entire four blocks are fenced off, so pedestrian and vehicle traffic will need to go around the area. Fencing is placed east of Crane from Coe to Arrowhead to deconstruct the two remaining blocks, so pedestrian and vehicle traffic will need to go around this area, too.

Biological Safety Lab, Level Three (BSL3) additions to the State Veterinary Laboratory -- Contractor will be working to modify the floor in the necropsy floor area. Final commissioning of the mechanical systems and controls will continue.

Kendall House (Southeast corner of 8th and Fremont streets, is the new home of the Ruckelshaus Institute and Helga Otto Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Wyoming Conservation Corps) -- The project is complete.

The UW Physical Plant reports the following activities for the week:

Library Plaza -- The plaza area north of Coe Library and east of the Union will be blocked off Dec. 10 to prepare for excavation to repair a broken water main. Excavation will begin Dec. 13 as weather permits, and work will continue until approximately Jan. 7. Please use caution around heavy equipment and excavation activities.

College of Agriculture -- Air handling work will occur from Dec. 7 - 10 to replace an air shaft. Heat and air flow will be affected on the west third of the fourth, fifth and sixth during the construction. Also, a hole will be cut in the ceiling on the east end of the sixth floor to install venting for an exhaust hood. The construction activity should be limited to one lab, but noise may be heard in that general area of the building. Also in the College of Agriculture Building, painting will continue in the fifth floor hallway next week. Please use caution around work areas.

College of Engineering Building -- Stair tread replacement continues at the main building entrance on the east side. Treads to the second floor will be completed during the week. Please use the west stairway to access the second floor.

Coe Library -- Modification of the air handling system in the penthouse mechanical rooms of the old building continues. The south stairway is closed for painting. The stairway will be available in case of emergency.

Corbett P.E. Building -- Lights in the gymnasium are being replaced. Work will continue through December. Please use caution around this area.

Long-Term Parking Lot -- Work continues to install a utility conduit under the parking lot north of Willett and west of 30th Street. Please avoid the work area.

War Memorial Fieldhouse -- The lighting replacement project continues. Access to the infield is being coordinated with the athletics department.

State Vet Lab -- A portable building will be placed to the north of the Insectaries Building until mid February. Parking will be blocked off to accommodate the storage.

Campus -- The house foundations at 9th and Grand, the east side of 13th Street between Lewis and Bradley, the southeast corner of 13th and Bradley and the southwest corner of 11th and Bradley will be will be filled and graded over the next several weeks as weather permits. The 11th and Bradley location is scheduled for next week. Parking will be affected and heavy equipment will be in use in these locations.

Campus -- Mechanical room surveys around core campus are complete.

Snow Removal -- Snow and ice removal will occur as needed throughout the winter. Please use caution around snow removal equipment and be safe walking, riding and driving on the snow.

Please direct questions to the service desk, 766-6225.

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