New American Heritage Center Exhibition Showcases 1950s Science Fiction Films

September 21, 2011
Movie poster
Invasion of the Body Snatchers, movie poster, Forrest Ackerman Collection, courtesy of the American Heritage Center

An exhibition from the American Heritage Center showcasing posters, props and other items from classic 1950s science fiction films is now on view at the University of Wyoming Art Museum. Admission is free.

"Terror in the Theater: Fifties Fears" examines the fears faced by the world in the 1950s, whether real or imagined. The Cold War, the advent of atomic weapons, the rise of Communism and the confrontation with the Soviet Union threatened the future of the United States. These factors, along with increasing numbers of flying saucer sightings, led to a climate of paranoia and a surge in science fiction films.

Visitors have the opportunity to view an excerpt from a famous Star Trek episode and the animatronics Triceratops from the original King Kong.

The items on view are from the Forrest Ackerman Collection at the AHC and have been curated by AHC Associate Director Rick Ewig and Archive Specialist Keith Reynolds.

For additional information about the UW Art Museum, call (307) 766-6622 or visit the museum's webpage.

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