UW Trustees Approve Facility Site for Planned Gateway Center

January 20, 2012

The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees today approved a 2.4-acre site on Grand Avenue in Laramie for a proposed facility that will provide a distinctive entry point to the university.

The UW Foundation, Alumni Association, Career Services and Admissions office are working jointly on the plan for a proposed UW Gateway Center. It would be slated on the site of the former U.S. Forest Service Research Station, located on the northwest corner of 22nd Street and Grand Avenue, directly across from the UW Conference Center.

As envisioned, the UW Gateway Center will be a facility for prospective students and parents to enter the university; for alumni to arrive and celebrate the history and traditions of their alma mater; for corporations and organizations to come to UW and recruit students; and for the UW Foundation, Alumni Association, Career Services and Admissions office to partner and collaborate in their efforts to support and promote the university.

Funding for the proposed facility will come from a combined structure of UW Foundation funding, fundraising and UW Foundation revenue bonds.

The university-owned site presently houses the ranger station office facility, a garage, a small greenhouse and a storage facility. The property was deeded to UW in 2005 and is the current office space for a portion of the UW Foundation's staff.

"The university is in a unique position to elevate external relations at Wyoming's university with a distinctive destination for welcoming alumni, students, friends and donors to the UW campus," UW Foundation President Ben Blalock says.

The project will bring together, in one location, the offices of the UW Foundation and provide space for the UW Alumni Association, Career Services, the UW Visitors Center, and various alumni and external relations activities.

Among the features of the proposed UW Gateway Center are a facility to recognize the university's distinguished alumni, significant philanthropic supporters and UW's external leaders; a meeting and event location for internal and external purposes; a public space to showcase the university's history and traditions; a facility where tribute is given to the university's private and public partnerships; a location for employers to recruit UW students for internships and full-time positions; and a university visitors center.

The UW Gateway Center is part of the university's Long Range Development Plan.

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