UW Going the Extra Mile Winners Announced

April 16, 2012

University Disability Support Services (UDSS) presented its "Going the Extra Mile" award to University of Wyoming faculty, staff and departments.

They were recognized for "demonstrating qualities of knowledge, sensitivity and helpfulness in assisting students with disabilities at the University of Wyoming," says Brynn Elliot, UDSS communication access services coordinator.

"Going the Extra Mile" recipients are:

Nicole Ballenger, associate provost, Academic Affairs.

Denise Burke, associate dean, College of Law.

Susan Dewey, associate professor, Gender and Women's Studies.

Kurt Dolence, associate professor, School of Pharmacy.

Anton Kim, graduate assistant, Economics and Finance.

Woody Lundmark, manager, Carpentry Shop.

Richard McGinity, Bill Daniels Chair of Business Ethics, Department of Management and Marketing.

Mark Rehwaldt, assistant lecturer, Civil and Architectural Engineering.

Hilla Skiba, assistant professor, Economics and Finance.

Charlie Stevens, assistant professor, Management and Marketing.

Matt Winninger, website strategist, Institutional Marketing.

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