UW Offers Negotiated Gas Rate to Employees and Retirees

April 16, 2012

The University of Wyoming is offering employees and retirees an opportunity to choose the negotiated natural gas rate under the Choice Gas program.

Employees who have not selected a supplier and rate have until 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 25, to sign up for the special UW rate. A spreadsheet to compare last year's UW rate with the pass-through rate can be found here.

UW negotiated the special natural gas rate with Asgard Energy, LLC, one of five suppliers selling gas under the Choice Gas Program. The residential rate is being offered to employees in Source Gas' Casper Division, which includes Laramie and Casper, but not Cheyenne and Torrington.

"The negotiated UW employee option is based on gas prices on the first of each month, as listed on the CIG Index, with a $0.0165/therm adder," says Frosty Selmer, deputy director at the Physical Plant in charge of utilities. For example, the CIG index cost for February 2012 is $0.251/therm, which would put the billing at $0.268/therm.

This price does not include the distribution charges added to all options, usually 22-25 cents per therm. Employees should keep in mind that the UW option might not be the most economical.

Selmer offers these instructions for UW employees who want to sign up for the negotiated rate. Using the Choice Gas Supplier Selection Form received in the mail, and check:

--Asgard "Market Index Rate," CIG Index plus $0.0165/therm.

Complete, sign, date and deliver the ballot to the Physical Plant Service Desk by 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 25. UW will take care of the confirmation coding. The Physical Plant is located at the northwest corner of 15th and Lewis streets. Ballots also may be sent by emailing a scanned ballot, in pdf format, to SvsDesk@uwyo.edu.

More information is available from Asgard Energy, at toll free 1-800-380-8597, or Selmer at fselmer@uwyo.edu.

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