UW Student Emily Bandel Accepts Mayo Clinic Internship

April 4, 2012
Nurse assisting patient
UW nursing student Emily Bandel will serve an internship this summer at the Mayo Clinic. (UW Photo)

Emily Bandel of Laramie, a student in the University of Wyoming's Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing, has been accepted into the Mayo Clinic Summer Internship Program June 4-Aug. 10, in Rochester, Minn.

Only 100 of the 1,200 applicants were selected for the highly competitive paid internship. Bandel's experience as a teaching assistant made her a strong candidate for the position, says Suzanne Clark, UW's pathophysiology course coordinator.

Bandel works with small groups of students to prepare them for formal case-study presentations in pathophysiology. She provides a hands-on view of patient care based on her five years as a certified nursing assistant.

"Bandel's dedication and level of responsibility and commitment make her a role model for the students," Clark says. "She is actively taking care of patients and offers insights to the students about patient care and diseases."

Bandel will work with a nurse in the Mayo Cardiac Surgery Step-Down Unit. Bandel will help take care of heart transplant and open-heart surgery patients.

Additionally, Bandel works about 25 hours a week at the Cheyenne Medical Center and the Davis Hospice Center in Cheyenne.

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