Campus Construction Update for the Week of May 20

May 18, 2012

These are among the construction activities scheduled May 20-26 at the University of Wyoming:

Electrical Outages -- The following electrical maintenance outages are scheduled for Saturday, May 19: 7 a.m.-9 p.m., Arena-Auditorium; 9:30-11:30 a.m., College of Law Building; 12:30-2:30 p.m., Corbett Building; and 2:30-4:30 p.m., Crane Hall, Hill Hall and Crane-Hill Dining Area.

The UW Facilities Planning Office reports the following activities for the week:

Ivinson Parking Lot Expansion -- Final backfill/subgrading and parking lot expansion work is scheduled to begin the first part of June and will affect parking spaces.

White Hall Renovations -- Movers are finished. Renovation and abatement work will begin in late May or early June.

UW Office Annex (21st Street and Garfield, scheduled completion Sept. 30) -- The project involves partial renovation of the lower level of the west wing for improvements to offices and other adjacent multi-use spaces. A low bidder was selected, and construction will start May 21.

University of Wyoming/Casper College Student Union (UW/CC Student Union, scheduled completion, November 2013) -- Construction has started with site preparation and foundation systems. Asphalt paving of adjacent parking lots will begin this week and continue through the summer. Interior concrete stairs and enclosures will continue for the remainder of May.

Energy Innovation Center (formerly ERC, at 1020 Lewis St., scheduled completion September 2012) -- Access to main campus will be between or through Earth Sciences and the Berry Center. Lewis Street will remain closed during construction. Parking will be limited in areas around construction, including the drive along the west side of Engineering. The access from main campus, along the west side of Engineering to Lewis Street, will be closed during this phase of construction. The west end of the ramp, behind Engineering, will be closed. Handicapped parking has been relocated to the northwest corner of Lewis and 10th streets, with access through the Berry Center or Earth Sciences Building to main campus.

Framing of interior walls is nearly complete. Rough-in of mechanical and electrical systems is ongoing. Exterior wall system framing is complete. The temporary weather enclosure will be removed as the glazing system is completed. Installation of the exterior enclosure will continue during the week, with the south and east being furthest along. Masonry and glazing work will concentrate on the north and west walls. The exterior enclosure includes insulation, water shed, stone and brick masonry, and glazing systems. Expect congestion from delivery trucks, and take extreme care when walking around trucks waiting in the street.

West Stadium (scheduled completion July 31) -- Preparation for addition of steps and handrails at aisles, along with new slip-resistant coating, is ongoing on the lower West Stadium.

Museum Closed -- The UW Geological Museum is closed for renovation and is scheduled to reopen at the beginning of the fall semester.

Student Apartments Bison Run Village (Scheduled completion August 2012) -- The new apartments are in a three-block area south of Willett Drive between Crane and Landmark Village. The community center and apartment model units are now open Mondays through Fridays from 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Residence Life and Dining Services maintenance staff members have moved into the community center's maintenance area. Two of the apartment buildings are now complete, with punch-list work ongoing. Work on the remaining apartments continues with framing, electrical/plumbing rough-ins and insulation installation, followed by drywall installation, texturing and painting. Exterior stone, siding, roofing and concrete site work continue. Landscaping continues on all parts of the site. There will be a total of 15 apartment buildings (332 beds) with a community center and maintenance building.

The UW Physical Plant reports the following activities for the week. Please direct questions to the service desk, 766-6225.

Campus -- Irrigation sprinkler systems have been activated for the season.

Wyoming Hall -- Domestic hot and cold water will be shut off to the building Wednesday, May 23, from 6 a.m.-noon, to perform restroom facility upgrades. Building contacts have been notified.

Concrete Repairs -- Repairs this week are scheduled for the following areas: Ninth Street in the vicinity of Aven Nelson, Classroom Building, Old Main, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Health Science Center and Bureau of Mines Building. Work will include demolition, earth work, irrigation repairs and concrete replacement. Construction workers will be on site in areas marked with cones. Work will continue throughout the summer and is scheduled for mid-August completion.

Indoor Practice Facility -- Checking/tightening clearstory structure bolts continues. A lift will be used to access the connections, and no activity will be allowed around the equipment or staging areas.

Health Sciences Center -- Roof replacement began May 14. Staging and crane set-up will occur on the south and east sides of the building, and the drive area may be blocked intermittently. Use caution around the equipment. The south or east exits may be closed intermittently during craning operations.

Cowboy Field -- Outfield fencing is nearing completion. Dugout fence installation is ongoing. Painting and repairs continue.

College of Agriculture -- Painting continues in Rooms 139-160.

College of Law -- Lighting replacements will occur in the Law Library. All other areas have been completed. This project will help UW in its continued effort to be more energy efficient. The work is funded, in part, by energy rebates from Rocky Mountain Power.

Honors Center (10th and Ivinson streets) -- Work continues inside with sheetrock installation and painting. Work continues outside with exterior painting. Footers are being constructed for the new addition. Sidewalks around the house are closed. Please use alternate routes.

Wyoming State Vet Lab -- The landscaping project continues at the Vet Lab complex. Please use caution when entering and exiting the complex. Portions of the parking lot will be closed at times to facilitate the construction. Renovation continues on the Insectory Building at the Vet Lab. Please use caution around the work area.

American Heritage Center -- Alarm installation continues on the second and third floors.

Physical Sciences Building -- Work will continue in the vicinity of Room 316 for equipment installation.

Biological Sciences Building -- Work is ongoing on the basement Coop Area Project. Please use caution around the construction area.

Jacoby Golf Course -- Construction continues on an east campus drainage project at Jacoby Golf Course. Signs are posted at the affected holes and in the clubhouse. The affected holes will be off limits during construction hours (7 a.m.-5 p.m.) for the remainder of the construction period. Please use caution in the work areas.

East Shuttle Lot (30th Street and Willett Drive) -- The new bus shelters have been installed. Electrical work will occur intermittently during the week. Please use caution around the work areas.

King Street -- This work is complete.

War Memorial Fieldhouse/West Stadium -- Electrical upgrades are complete.

Corbett PE Building -- Domestic water tie-ins have been completed.

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