Bird Hybridization Topic of AMK Ranch Talk Thursday

July 30, 2012
Man working in lab
University of Wyoming Vertebrate Collections Museum Curator Matt Carling catalogs some of the more than 2,500 bird specimens in the museum. (UW Photo)

Hybridization of birds is the next topic for the weekly summer lecture series scheduled Thursday, Aug. 2, at the University of Wyoming-National Park Service (UW-NPS) Research Center. The center is located at the AMK Ranch in Grand Teton National Park.

UW Vertebrate Collections Museum Curator Matt Carling will discuss hybridization in birds at 6:30 p.m. at the AMK Ranch, located north of Leeks Marina. A barbecue, at a cost of $5 per person, will take place at 5:30 p.m. Reservations are not required. For more information, call the UW-NPS Center at (307) 543-2463.

“Hybrids between bird species are undeniably fascinating, in part because of the crazy plumages that are produced. But are they useful for understanding bird ecology and conservation?” ask Carling, who has cataloged more than 2,500 bird species in the museum. “This talk will explore both the reasons why birds hybridize and what scientists can learn when they do.”

The UW-NPS Research Center provides a base for university faculty members and government scientists from throughout North America to conduct research in the diverse aquatic and terrestrial environments of Grand Teton National Park and the greater Yellowstone area.

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