UW Art Museum presents Interstitial: Between Earth and Sky

July 5, 2012
Art installation
‘Interstitial: Between Earth and Sky’ interacts with sunlight and time to offer an engaging display at the University of Wyoming Centennial Complex.

Inspired by the landscape of Wyoming and the architectural space of the University of Wyoming Centennial Complex lobby, artist Gerri Sayler created the site-specific installation, “Interstitial: Between Earth and Sky, from hundreds of strands of hot glue.

On display through Dec. 21 in the Centennial Complex lobby, Sayler’s work is the concluding installation in the exhibition, “Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational,” which began in 2008.

Sunlight and time are key elements of the work as the sunlight moves across the lobby throughout the day, changing the sculpture from sparkling translucency to subtle opacity. Sometimes, the effect is as if it is snowing gently inside; at other times, it appears as a hovering vaporous form.

Nature and the effects of water, clouds and the space between earth and sky fascinate Sayler. Of special interest are the various states of water, from its flowing liquid form to its solidity as ice, to the ethereal gaseous nature of clouds.

“Gerri has created a work of enormous beauty and poetry,” says Susan Moldenhauer, UW Art Museum director and chief curator. “The challenges of the architectural space of Antoine Predock’s lobby for the Centennial Complex -- with its elongated and sloping windows, and elliptical shape -- posed challenges for Sayler to both consider and honor the architecture.”

Sayler’s material of choice is hot glue. She draws with the glue into ice water which, once hung, captures the light. Hundreds of strands were made individually, and then wrapped and packaged for shipping to the Art Museum for installation on an overhead support structure. “Interstitial: Between Earth and Sky” is the first installation by Sayler that is suspended above eye level. 

Sayler has completed two artist residencies in Wyoming and has created site-specific installations in locations throughout the Northwest U.S. She lives in Idaho.

“Imagine learning from the masters” is a guiding principle of the UW Art Museum’s programs. Located in the Centennial Complex at 2111 Willett Drive in Laramie, the museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission is free.

For more information, call the Art Museum at (307) 766-6622 or visit https://www.uwyo.edu/artmuseum and the blog at www.uwyoartmuseum.org.

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