Campus Construction Update for Week of Sept. 9

September 7, 2012

These are among the construction activities scheduled Sept. 9-15 at the University of Wyoming.

More parking spaces -- The Ivinson monument is scheduled for construction on the northwest area of the parking lot beginning at the end of September. All of the Ivinson parking lot is now open, adding 67 additional new parking spaces including ADA (Americans with Disability Act) spaces and four metered spaces. Access is from both 10th and 11th streets. Landscaping is scheduled to be complete this week.

Museum Closed -- The UW Geological Museum is closed for renovation and is scheduled to reopen later this semester.

Berry Center Green Roof Reconstruction -- Transplanting of the existing plants will be completed by Friday, Sept. 7.

White Hall Renovations -- Abatement is complete. Demolition continues on the second through eighth floors, with new installations on the ninth through 12th floors. Excavation for a new transformer vault has begun on the east side of White Hall. Fencing is placed around the area with heavy truck traffic between White and Downey halls. The west parking lot will be closed until summer 2013.

UW Office Annex (21st Street and Garfield, scheduled completion Sept. 30) -- The project involves partial renovation of the lower level of the west wing for improvements to offices and other adjacent multi-use spaces. Installation of mechanical equipment and duct work is under way and will be completed in two to three weeks. Conference rooms and adjacent spaces will be closed until the end of September.

University of Wyoming/Casper College Student Union (UW/CC Student Union, scheduled completion November 2013) -- Construction has started with site preparation and foundation systems. Structural steel frame is completed, and roof decking will be installed this month. Installation of mechanical duct work has begun on the first floor.

Landscape Projects -- Construction work continues toward late September completion on Sullivan Plaza, Public Edge Practice Field, Public Edge Southwest Campus Entry Marker and Bureau of Mines landscape.

Sullivan Plaza -- The south entrances of the Education Building and surrounding pedestrian pathways have reopened, with some temporary limitations imposed to accommodate continuing construction. Access to the Education Building will remain limited to the north entrance through approximately Sept. 15. Plaza landscaping and construction of the amphitheater and site amenities to follow will continue through Sept. 28. Caution should be exercised within the area of continuing construction. The project staging area in the parking area north of Wyoming Hall will remain through Sept. 15.

Public Edge Practice Field (Tailgate Park) -- Work is substantially complete. Remaining minor and accessory work may continue through Sept. 28.

Public Edge Southwest Campus Entry Marker -- Adjacent portions of Ninth Street and Grand Avenue pedestrian sidewalks may be temporarily closed by construction through Sept. 28. Earthwork and entry marker construction continues, with landscaping to follow.

Bureau of Mines Landscape -- The vehicular access and pedestrian corridor between the Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center and the Health Sciences Center will reopen Aug. 27 with some temporary limitations imposed to accommodate continuing construction through Sept. 28. General landscaping work is under way.

Counselor Education Training Clinic (Education Building, scheduled completion Oct. 22) -- Renovation construction work continues in the northeast portion of the Education Building basement. Limited access for students, faculty and staff via the northeast building entry has reopened. Construction activities and staging will continue, requiring appropriate caution in the area. Construction staging will continue to occupy a portion of the pedestrian walkway and accessible parking area northeast of the Education Building. Temporary substitute accessible parking has been designated with temporary signage.

Energy Innovation Center (formerly ERC, at 1020 Lewis St., scheduled completion October 2012) -- Access to main campus will be between or through Earth Sciences and the Berry Center. Lewis Street will remain closed during construction. Parking will be limited in areas around construction, including the drive along the west side of Engineering. The access from main campus, along the west side of Engineering to Lewis Street, will be closed during this phase of construction. The west end of the ramp, behind the Engineering Building, will be closed. Handicapped parking has been relocated to the northwest corner of Lewis and 10th streets, with access through the Berry Center or Earth Sciences Building to main campus.

Interior spaces are being finished throughout. Door and hardware installation is under way. Installation of lab equipment and casework is nearing completion on the first and second floors. Work continues on the south retaining walls to prepare for landscaping. Concrete paving/curb and gutter will be under way on the east and south of the building. Interior painting is under way with preparation for floor finish. Expect congestion from delivery trucks, and take extreme care when walking around trucks waiting in the street.

The UW Physical Plant reports the following activities for the week. Please direct questions to the service desk, 766-6225.

Education Building -- Final system work continues in the Education auditorium to integrate new projector equipment with the existing system.

Campus -- Elevator flooring replacement is scheduled this week in the following buildings: Sept. 9 – Corbett PE, Beta House, Aven Nelson, Pharmacy, Animal Science/Molecular Biology, Wyoming Technology Business Center and Classroom Building; Sept. 15 – Berry Center, Knight Hall, Education Annex, Wyoming Hall, Cooper House and Washakie Dining Center.

Campus -- Excavation work to repair a failed steam condensate line will occur in the 1700 block of Willett Drive. Please use caution around equipment.

Concrete Repairs -- Installation of a new concrete roof drain basin on the north side of the College of Business is ongoing. Please use caution in this area.

Early Care & Education Center -- Sandbox construction is complete and installation of sod will be ongoing. Please use caution in the work and staging areas of this project.

Beta House -- Renovations to the first and second floors are under way. Completion of the project is scheduled for October.

Berry Center -- Work continues on the east garden plaza roof. Use caution in the area.

Honors Center (10th and Ivinson Streets) -- The classroom is open for classes. Sidewalks are reopened. The remainder of the house is still being renovated. Please use caution in these areas.

Prexy’s Pasture, Geology and Engineering -- Excavation work continues at the northwest corner of Prexy’s Pasture to the northwest corner of the Geology building.  Additional pipeline boring for irrigation system work will occur on the north and south sides of the Geology Building. Use caution around equipment in the area.

College of Business -- Caulking of the atrium skylights is scheduled. The contractor will use the elevator to get supplies to the rooftop area.

Rochelle Athletic Center -- Construction is under way on the hydrotherapy pool room renovation in the football locker room. Concrete cutting in the project area will cause additional noise at times. The staging area will be at the southeast corner of the building. Access to the area will be limited to authorized personnel.

Multipurpose Gym -- Painting operations are underway. Foundation repairs will require intermittent hammer drilling and associated noise. Work is scheduled to be complete by mid-September. Please use caution around equipment in the area.

Service Building -- Replacement of the roof will begin and a staging area will be set to facilitate removal of gravel for a roof recovery project over the craft shops. Please use caution around equipment and staging area.

Sod Replacement -- New sod is being placed at the Sullivan Plaza. Sprinklers will apply additional water to ensure successful transplant of new turf.

Knight Hall -- Lighting replacement is ongoing in second-floor offices. Electricians will coordinate schedules with building occupants. This project will help UW in its continued effort to be more energy efficient. The work is funded, in part, by energy rebates from Rocky Mountain Power. Please use caution around work areas.

Jacoby Golf Course -- Construction continues on the east campus drainage project at Jacoby Golf Course. Inlet work will continue and traffic on Grays Gable will be detoured for about one week beginning September 17. Work will affect the play of hole #7. Excavation of Pond #4 is complete. Sod has been installed on the Grays Gable berm. Signs are posted at the affected holes and in the clubhouse. Affected holes will be off limits during construction hours (7 a.m.-5 p.m.) for the remainder of the construction period. Please use caution in the work areas.

College of Law Building -- Lighting replacements are ongoing in the Law Library. This project will help UW in its continued effort to be more energy efficient. The work is funded, in part, by energy rebates from Rocky Mountain Power. Use caution around the work area.

Corbett P.E. Building -- Annual maintenance of the pool is complete.

Prexy’s Pasture -- The lights surrounding Prexy’s Pasture are now operational.

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