Public Offers Input on UW President Search

November 19, 2012

During a series of public meetings around the state, Wyoming residents have shared the qualifications and characteristics they hope to see in the next president of the University of Wyoming.

Those who weren’t able to attend the meetings still have the opportunity to provide input, even as applications for the job are being accepted by a consulting firm hired by the UW Board of Trustees to assist with the presidential search.

More information on the presidential search is available online at People can offer their input by clicking on “Leave a Comment” in the left-hand column of that page. They also may nominate people for the job by clicking on “Submit a Nomination.”

The Board of Trustees is charged with finding a successor to President Tom Buchanan, who is retiring as president next year. The board has enlisted the services of Greenwood/Asher & Associates to conduct a nationwide search, with a goal of attracting the deepest possible pool of candidates for the job.

Representatives of the firm conducted public meetings in nine Wyoming communities to help develop the position profile, which is available to the public at in the right-hand column. The representatives also met with UW faculty, staff and students. The public input received so far shows there are high expectations for the university’s next president, as the desired qualifications and characteristics include:

  • A commitment to undergraduate and graduate education, scholarly research and service to the state.
  • A commitment to developing and nurturing relationships with the university’s multiple constituencies.
  • The ability to work closely with an involved citizen legislature and government officials.
  • An understanding and appreciation for the unique relationship UW has with the state, as Wyoming’s only public university.
  • Knowledge of academic and business issues facing higher education in Wyoming and the nation.
  • Experience as a successful fundraiser.
  • A willingness to be accessible and approachable in one of the state’s most visible positions.

Board of Trustees President Dave Bostrom appointed 23 people representing a wide range of interests to two search committees. The initial screening committee will review the credentials of all applicants for the position, and identify at least 12 candidates who warrant further consideration by about Dec. 10.

The list of at least 12 candidates then will be forwarded to the second screening committee, which is charged with narrowing the candidate pool to at least five finalists by about Jan. 24. The entire Board of Trustees will interview each finalist and then select the new president. The board plans to introduce the new president by Feb. 27.

“We’re looking for someone who’s capable of helping a great university become even better,” Bostrom says. “We’re confident we have a process that will allow us to find that person.”

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