Star Trek Tribble Named

November 1, 2012
Five people standing by tribble display
Contest judges had fun with a tribble at the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center. From left are contest facilitator Rachael Dreyer, with judges Shaun Milligan, Keith Reynolds, Rachael Budowle and Emily Christopherson. Not pictured is contest judge Richard Kean. (AHC photo)

Captain Kirk, meet Furry Ackerman.

That’s the name that emerged from more than 450 entries in a University of Wyoming American Heritage Center (AHC)  “Name the Tribble” contest.

The AHC sponsored the contest to promote American Archives Month and to bring attention to its Forrest J. Ackerman collection. Ackerman, recognized for his extensive collection of science fiction memorabilia, donated numerous items to UW, including manuscripts, photographs, movie posters and a tribble, a soft furball creature featured in the 1960s sci-fi series ”Star Trek.”

A good tribble name should sum up “tribble-esque qualities,” says AHC Assistant Archivist Rachael Dreyer, organizer of the naming contest. Furry Ackerman was suggested by both Edwin Bode and Tom Lenahan.

Judges selected other winners, too.

“Roddenhairy” appealed to the judges because it was the most “Star Trek-ey” (after creator Gene Roddenberry).  Yvonne Parker submitted this entry.

“Alotta,” suggested by Patricia Lenhart, seemed to embody the tribbles’ ability to reproduce quickly.

Bernadette Benz suggested this name “Serena,” reflecting the tribbles’ soothing effect on humans. 

Because this tribble now lives in Wyoming, “Wyomble,” submitted by  Caroline McCracken-Flesher, appealed to the judges’ sense of place. 

Other popular names that were suggested include Trouble, Tumbleweed  Harry, Gizmo, Coo, Elbbirt (“tribble” spelled backwards) and  Ishkabibble.

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