Campus Construction Update for Aug. 11

August 9, 2013
Components of a cafe
Workers continue to make progress on “Rendezvous,” the new dining facility in the renovated Ross Hall. It is scheduled to open in September. (UW Photo)

These are among the construction activities scheduled Aug. 11-17 at the University of Wyoming:

Power Outage -- The UW Physical Plant has scheduled an electrical outage, in coordination with Rocky Mountain Power, to re-route the west campus electrical service. The outage will begin at 4:45 p.m. Monday, Aug. 12, and Friday Aug. 16, and last approximately 1.5-2 hours. Buildings between 15th and Ninth streets and between Ivinson and Lewis streets will be without power during the outage. The Service Building, Anthropology and General Storage buildings are included in these outages. It is recommended to turn off all electronic equipment prior to the outage.

Water Off in McWhinnie -- A domestic water shutdown for McWhinnie Hall is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 15, from 6-11 a.m. for repairs. Building contacts have been notified.

The UW Facilities Planning Office reports the following activities for the week:

Golf Practice Facility (Scheduled completion December 2013) -- Preconstruction activities for the project will commence in the vicinity of the Jacoby Golf Course Clubhouse. Play at Jacoby Golf Course will not be affected during the preconstruction phase of work.

Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center (22nd and Grand, scheduled completion fall 2014) -- The contractor has completed the utility work and patching of the roadway in 22nd Street. The contractor will open 22nd Street Friday, Aug. 9, but striping of the patched areas may not be completed by that time. Erection of structural steel will continue at the south portion of the building, and a metal deck is being installed for elevated floors and roofs at the north portion of the building. Additional project information is available here.

Agriculture Building A, B & D -- (on Lewis between 12th and 13th streets) will be deconstructed this fall. Asbestos abatement continues. Parking areas between Ag A and B, and north of Ag A, will be used for staging by the abatement contractor. There will be no “A” and “U” parking in these areas. Access to the alley -- along north of the Agriculture Building -- will remain open.

Wainwright/Willett Bungalows (Future parking lot, scheduled completion Oct. 4) -- The west entry to the parking lot to the College of Law Building and the Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts (northwest of Beta House from Willett) is closed to establish a staging area to construct the new Bungalow parking lot. The north entrance from Willett, to the west side of the College of Law Building, remains open and is the only way for vehicles to enter the lot. Concrete curb and gutter will continue through the week. Asphalt patching along Willett and the south end of the parking lot should be complete this week. Asphalt repairs in front of the College of Law building will be done this week, with access to the existing parking lot remaining open during repairs.

Education Annex Canopy (Scheduled completion October 2013) -- Construction activities continue on the project, including exterior reconstruction of sidewalks and the erection of structural steel canopy framing between the east entrance of the Education Annex and the north entrance of the Education Building, as well as interior renovation of the corridor in the vicinity of the Dean’s Office in the Education Building. Interior renovation may require sporadic and short-term limitations to pedestrian access through the corridor in the vicinity of the Dean’s Office.

Vehicular access and parking availability, in the lot north of the Education Building, will be severely limited throughout the remainder of construction, and will be subject to frequent revision, including temporary closure of the lot, as construction activities dictate. During construction, pedestrian access to the north entrance of the Education Building and the east entrance of the Education Annex will be maintained via designated pathways except during periods of closure of the lot. However, access to the Education Building is limited to the south entrance only. Pedestrians and motorists should exercise caution in the area.

Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts (Fine Arts Building, renovation and expansion, scheduled completion December 2014) -- Additional project information is available here. The parking lot on the east side of the UW Performing Arts Center is closed, and is being used for construction staging and will be converted into a green area following construction. Building visitors should use the parking lot on the north side of the building. Those entering the Performing Arts Center must now enter through the doors on the west side of the building. This will be the entrance for all building operations, including classes, ticket purchases and performances, until construction is complete. The east side of the building is a secured construction zone with restricted access. Footing excavation, rebar placement and pouring continues, and foundation walls will follow. Grade beam exaction and forming have begun. Heavy truck traffic will be frequent near War Memorial Fieldhouse, 22nd Street and Willett Drive.

White Hall Renovations -- Punch-list items are nearly complete. Re-roofing activities are complete. Fencing has been removed, though the west parking lot will still be closed until the end of August.

ESCo Project (Energy Services Company) -- Long Energy Services Co. employees and contractors have completed work on lighting retrofits in the Engineering and Agriculture buildings. Control wiring and new VAV box installations in the Agriculture Building are continuing, which will impact building occupants. Air handler coil cleaning will take place Aug. 13, which requires one air handler to be shut down during cleaning. Workers will wear identifying badges. Work on the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory boiler replacement continues with contractor staging on the west side of the building.

Brown Lot Underground Wiring (22nd and Willett) -- Underground boring and trenching of conduit has begun and will continue through the week. Installation of wiring will follow. Overhead wiring removal will be scheduled in the next few weeks.

Half Acre Gymnasium Addition and Renovation (Scheduled completion spring 2015) -- Full project information is available at Half Acre Gymnasium remains open and accessible via the west entrance. The day-lot parking area and roadway immediately east of Half Acre Gymnasium is closed. Temporary day-use parking has been established in the lot east of the Wyoming Union.

Construction work for Phase I, consisting of the demolition and reconstruction of the east portion of the existing building, continues this week with deconstruction as the focus. Construction and staging areas north, south and east of the existing building have been established and are closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic, except that which is construction related. Access to Prexy’s Pasture from the east Wyoming Union parking lot between Half Acre and the Wyoming Union is closed until further notice. Please use alternate routes through the Wyoming Union or between the Union and Coe Library. Temporary staging/construction areas also may be established with limited notice near the west entrance and along the pedestrian pathways north of Half Acre Gymnasium between Prexy’s Pasture and Willett Drive as required by the ongoing construction-related tasks.

Significant deconstruction activities are underway toward demolishing the east portion of the existing building. Considerable noise, dust and debris will potentially be created by the activities, although operational precautions are in place to mitigate any impact beyond the immediate construction area. Heavy truck traffic will be frequent on Willett Drive west of 15th Street and along the perimeter of the Union parking lot.

Education Annex -- Literacy Research Center and Clinic (lower floor, Education Annex; scheduled completion January 2014) -- The lower (first) floor of the Education Annex is closed for construction. Access to the alleyway and portions of related parking east and south of the Agriculture Building is closed, and a temporary access/egress detour has been established west of the Agriculture Building. The pedestrian sidewalk in the Education Annex vicinity is closed on the south side of Lewis Street, with pedestrian access rerouted to the north side of the street at the established construction limits. Parking in the vicinity is closed on the south side of Lewis Street at the construction limits. Project activities include interior framing and rough-in, as well as foundation and site work related to the exterior building addition, and improvements in the former alleyway. Please observe all posted traffic control and construction signage.

University of Wyoming/Casper College Student Union (UW/CC Student Union, scheduled completion November 2013) -- The primary building enclosure is complete, allowing interior construction activities to proceed on or ahead of schedule. Interior finish construction is progressing throughout UW/CC third- and fourth-floor spaces. Overall project construction is approximately 87 percent complete.

Biological Sciences Building Mechanical Modifications (Scheduled substantial completion -- reoccupied is mid-August, final completion is set for October) -- Building users are encouraged to use the northwest entrance to avoid construction activities. Interior work will continue throughout the week. Work will focus on the fourth floor; ceiling installation will continue on the first floor.

Enzi STEM Facility (Lewis Street between 10th and 11th streets, scheduled completion June 2015) -- Lewis Street remains closed between 10th and 11th streets. The site work has been completed, and bidding/contracting for the main project is in progress. The main project is scheduled to start in late August.

The UW Physical Plant reports the following activities for the week:

No Hot Water -- Buildings connected to the campus steam system will not have building heat or domestic hot water during the annual campus steam system shutdown through 11 a.m. Monday, Aug. 19. Read more.

Power Outage -- A power outage is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 10, from 6-10 a.m. at the Service Building and General Storage. It is recommended to turn off all electronic equipment prior to the outage. The outages are scheduled to accommodate expansion of the General Storage Building.

Classroom Building -- Abatement began in a tunnel beneath the building Thursday, Aug. 8. No elevator access to the lower level will be available, and the southeast stairwell will be closed off. Be aware of a temporary enclosure and equipment at the basement access point for this work.

Earth Sciences -- Interruptions to air handling systems will occur Aug. 12-14 to allow for system upgrades and filter replacements. Fluctuations in building temperatures may be noticeable. Fume hoods will remain operational during this period. Building contacts have been notified.

Law School Parking Lot -- A steam tunnel vault lid is being replaced at the southeast corner of the Law School/Fine Arts parking lot. Please use caution around equipment and construction fencing in this area.

Parking Lot Striping -- Be aware of painting operations for striping in Orr and McIntyre halls parking lots. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) painting will occur on campus Aug. 12. The carpool lot at 14th and Bradley streets will be closed for parking lot striping Tuesday, Aug. 13. Fire lanes throughout campus will be painted Aug. 14. The Wyoming Technology Business Center parking lot will be closed for parking lot striping Aug. 15. If time allows, the lot between the Energy Innovation Center and the Engineering Building will be closed for a short time for striping Aug. 14 or 15.

Chip Sealing -- Chip sealing and striping operations will finish up at the Little League parking lot. Please use caution in the area.

South Shuttle Lot -- Handrail on the exterior of the bus shelter ramps will be installed the week of Aug. 12. Use caution in the area.

Anthropology Building -- Utility work directly north of the building is complete. ADA spaces will remain relocated pending completion of concrete work. Please use caution around equipment in the area.

Landmark Apartments (Scheduled completion Friday, Aug. 16) -- Roof replacement and attic upgrades will continue on the 12-unit complex. Crews will work on units 351, 355, 2601 and 2605. Please use caution around equipment, barricaded work zones and fenced staging areas.

General Storage Addition (Scheduled completion December 2013) -- Foundation work is underway. Access to the south side of the existing building should be only from the west driveway. Shipping and Receiving operations will continue throughout construction. Traffic on Gibbon Street between 15th and 19th streets should use caution around the construction site and construction vehicles, and observe all posted speed limits.

Centennial Complex (American Heritage Center and Art Museum) -- Roof replacement operations continue. Scaffolding on the cone portion of the building will remain in place until November. Roof envelope assembly, skylight replacements and window shelf modifications continue. Main entry and elevator access remain open. The staging area is on the north side of the building. Use caution in work areas.

Washakie Center -- Painting is ongoing in the main offices in the basement. Use caution around crews and materials.

Ross Hall Cafe -- Ross Hall Cafe renovations continue. The facility will be closed through the summer and is scheduled to reopen for the fall semester. The contractor staging and parking area is on the north side of the building. Use caution in the area.

Geology Building -- Renovations to Classroom 216 are ongoing. Use caution around crews and equipment in this area.

Steam Shutdown -- Valve replacement is scheduled to be complete Aug. 9.

Wyoming Union -- Contractors will finish removing materials for the Union Ballroom floor Aug. 9.

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