Campus Construction Update for Dec. 22

December 20, 2013
People sitting in a cafe
The large windows in Ross Hall’s Rendezvous dining area provide a nice view of Prexy’s Pasture. (RLDS Photo)

These are among the construction activities scheduled Dec. 22-Jan. 11 at the University of Wyoming.

No Street Parking -- The width of 10th, 11th and Bradley streets around the Enzi STEM Facility site has been reduced to two-way traffic. Vehicles cannot park along 10th and 11th streets. Parking will remain on the north of Bradley Street.

Ross Hall Dining -- The completely renovated former Ross Hall Dining Room reopens as Rendezvous Monday, Jan. 6. Read more.

The UW Facilities Planning Office reports the following activities for the week:

Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center (22nd and Grand, scheduled completion fall 2014) -- The curtain wall and glazing systems continue to be installed on the east and south elevations of the building. The exterior framing of Legacy Hall is nearing completion, which will allow for the installation of the curtain wall and glazing. Installation of exterior metal panels will begin the week of Dec. 23. With all of the masonry in place, the contractor will power wash and clean the masonry over the next couple of weeks. Mechanical equipment is being installed on the roof at the north portion of the building. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in work is being installed on the second and third floors of the south portion of the building. The ceilings and soffits of the Grand Atrium at the west portion of the building are under construction. Additional project information is available here. Click here for updated images taken by the construction cam.

Half Acre Gymnasium Addition and Renovation (Scheduled completion spring 2015) -- Full project information is available at Construction progress can be observed via the project webcam at Half Acre Gymnasium remains open and accessible via the west entrance. The day lot parking area and roadway immediately east of Half Acre Gymnasium is closed. Temporary day-use parking has been established in the lot east of the Wyoming Union.

Construction work for Phase I, consisting of the reconstruction of the east portion of the existing building, continues this week. Construction and staging areas north, south and east of the existing building have been established and are closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic, except that which is construction related. Access to Prexy’s Pasture from the east Wyoming Union parking lot between Half Acre and the Wyoming Union is closed until further notice. Please use alternate routes through the Wyoming Union or between the Union and Coe Library. Temporary staging/construction areas also may be established, with limited notice, near the west entrance and along the pedestrian pathways north of Half Acre Gymnasium between Prexy’s Pasture and Willett Drive as required by the ongoing construction-related tasks.

Subgrade earthwork and foundation construction is nearing completion for the east addition. Structural shear wall construction has begun, followed by structural steel erection in January. Heavy truck traffic, including concrete trucks, earth-moving equipment and other haulers, will be frequent on Willett Drive west of 15th Street and along the perimeter of the Wyoming Union parking lot. Temporary traffic controls and signs are either in place or will be established as needed by specific site activities. Please observe all posted traffic control, construction signs and temporary flagging.

Biological Sciences Building Mechanical Modifications (Completion is set for late December; fifth floor for January) -- Building users are encouraged to use the northwest entrance to avoid construction activities. Interior work is complete. Control wiring and programming is continuing. Testing and balancing of the air systems is complete. Heating water balancing will continue through the week of Jan. 6. Occupants may experience hot and/or cold areas in the building. Duct and electrical work and heating water lines on the fifth floor continue.

Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts (Fine Arts Building, renovation and expansion, scheduled completion December 2014) -- Additional project information is available here. The parking lot on the east side of the UW Performing Arts Center is closed and is being used for construction staging. It will be converted into a green area following construction. Building visitors should use the parking lot on the north side of the building. The large crane has moved to the east side. A second smaller crane will be placed on the southeast part of the north parking lot through February. Steel erection is ongoing on the north and east sides. Those entering the Performing Arts Center must now enter through the doors on the building’s west side. This will be the entrance for all building operations, including classes, ticket purchases and performances, until construction is complete. The east side of the building is a secured construction zone with restricted access. Footing excavation, rebar placement and pouring continue, along with foundation walls. Grade beam exaction and forming continues. Backfill on the north is complete and continuing on the east side. Heavy truck traffic will be frequent near War Memorial Fieldhouse, 22nd Street and Willett Drive, and along the road west of the College of Law Building.

Enzi STEM Facility (Lewis Street between 10th and 11th streets, scheduled completion June 2015) -- Lewis Street remains closed between 10th and 11th streets. Please note that this project is being managed and administered by the State Construction Office. The preliminary site clearing has been completed. Subcontractor bids have been reviewed by the construction manager, architect and State Construction Office. The contractor is mobilizing to start site and foundation work. Job trailers, storage containers, materials and equipment will be on site. Site fencing is complete. The fenced construction area and fenced storage yards along Lewis will be secured construction areas. The width of 10th, 11th and Bradley streets around the Enzi STEM Facility site has been reduced to two-way traffic. Vehicles cannot park along 10th and 11th streets. Parking will remain on the north of Bradley Street. Utilities for STEM will be done in conjunction with planned north campus utility work.

ESCo Project (Energy Services Company) -- Long Energy Services Co. employees will continue working AHU control wiring at the Agriculture Building. Installation of boilers and unit heaters at the Isolation Building is complete, with building automation tie-ins ongoing.

Education Annex Canopy (Scheduled completion December 2013) -- Construction activities are nearing completion on the project between the east entrance of the Education Annex and the north entrance of the Education Building, as well as interior renovation of the corridor in the vicinity of the Dean’s Office in the Education Building. Current construction activities include installation of canopy aluminum and glass ceiling/roof panels. Normal access to the Education Building and Annex is open, with temporary protections in place. Vehicular access and parking -- north and east of the Education Building and the Ed Annex -- have reopened to normal traffic, except that Lab School pickup and drop-off activities are prohibited in this lot. Temporary protections will be deconstructed by contractor as exterior work is completed, and normal traffic patterns will be restored. Pedestrians and motorists should exercise caution in the area.

Education Annex -- Literacy Research Center and Clinic (lower floor, Education Annex; scheduled completion January 2014) -- The lower (first) floor of the Education Annex is closed for construction. Access to the alleyway and portions of related parking east and south of the Agriculture Building is closed, and a temporary access/egress detour has been established west of the Agriculture Building. The pedestrian sidewalk in the Education Annex vicinity is closed on the south side of Lewis Street, with pedestrian access rerouted to the north side of the street at the established construction limits. Parking in the vicinity is closed on the south side of Lewis Street at the construction limits. Project activities include interior finish construction, exterior curtain wall and storefront system erection, site work related to the exterior building addition, and improvements in the former alleyway. Work on the improvements in the former alleyway will result in increased construction traffic in the form of concrete trucks and other heavy equipment. The construction area is closed to all unauthorized parties. Please observe all posted traffic control and construction signage.

University of Wyoming/Casper College Student Union (UW/CC Student Union, scheduled occupancy is winter break) -- Primary building construction is complete, including throughout UW/CC third- and fourth-floor spaces. Technology and furniture, furnishings and equipment (FF&E) packages are in final stages of installation. The University of Wyoming/Casper College (UW/CC) Center is closed Dec. 16-20, while personnel move into the new facility. Offices will reopen with limited services Thursday, Jan. 2, on the third and fourth floors of the UU Building.

Golf Practice Facility (Scheduled completion December 2013) -- Construction activities for the project continue in the vicinity of the Jacoby Golf Course clubhouse. Exterior and interior framing, interior rough-in and building enclosure are underway. Utility work in support of the project is complete; however, work being conducted by Ivinson Memorial Hospital along Willett Drive will require temporary and changeable traffic detours of the Jacoby parking lot and adjacent portions of Willett Drive as work progresses. Please observe all posted traffic control and construction signage.

Agriculture Buildings A, B and D (on Lewis between 12th and 13th streets) -- Deconstruction is complete. Four HC parking spaces will be open in the alley along with one “U” and two state/federal spaces. The fire department access loop will remain until site work along the west of the Education Building is complete. Access to the alley along the north side of the Agriculture Building will remain open. This site will be used for construction storage for the STEM project beginning this month. Portions of the site will be used for construction staging for other projects and construction parking. The site will not be open for general parking.

The UW Physical Plant has 280 projects in progress valued at more than $20.1 million. Following is a list of ongoing construction activities in areas of campus that may impact you. Please call the Service Desk at (307) 766-6225 with questions.

Snow Removal -- Physical Plant crews will remove snow as needed throughout the season. Watch for snow removal equipment, be careful and safe during snow events, and call the Service Desk, 766-6225, to report ice spots and problem areas.

Alarm Testing -- Annual fire alarm testing throughout campus will be ongoing through Jan. 10. Alarms will sound intermittently as crews check systems. Building contacts have been notified and provided with schedules before testing.

Wyoming State Vet Lab -- Crews will perform maintenance work on the air handling system Jan. 7. The system will be down intermittently throughout the day. Building occupants have been notified.

Orr Hall -- Duct work will begin in the basement. Work is anticipated to be ongoing through Feb. 1.

War Memorial Fieldhouse -- Asbestos abatement will begin Jan. 2 and is scheduled to be complete Jan. 10.

Cooper House -- Painters will be working in the living and dining room areas the week of Jan. 6-10.

Arts and Sciences -- Painters will finish taping pipe chases on Jan. 1-3 in the northwest corners of the floors. Work is anticipated to be complete by Jan. 6.

Health Sciences Pharmacy Wing Update -- Belfor Inc., a property restoration company, is conducting flood recovery work. Surface water has been removed, and materials that were soaked are being dried out. Walls are being opened to ensure complete dehumidification. Physical Plant personnel have fully restored the fire suppression system to the entire building, and it is operational. The fire alarm system is operational, with a few isolated components of this system being repaired by an outside contractor. Reconstruction of damaged areas will proceed once all moisture has been removed.

Washakie Dining Center -- Painting operations will be complete Jan. 6.

Knight Hall -- Electrical work to bring generator power to KUWR will be ongoing in the basement during winter closure.

Aven Nelson Building -- The light posts south of the Williams Conservatory have been removed for restoration. Repair work is expected to take approximately two months.

Visual Arts Kiln and Sculpture Canopies -- Gutter installation is planned for the week of Jan. 6, weather permitting. Expect construction equipment and material to congest the east drive. Use caution in work areas.

Centennial Complex (American Heritage Center and Art Museum) -- Low slope roof replacement is scheduled to begin the last week of December, weather permitting. Removal of the scaffolding on the cone portion of the building is ongoing. The main entry and elevator access remain open. The main project staging area is on the north side of the building will be removed. Use caution in work areas.

General Storage Addition (Building completion April 2013) -- Work will continue over winter closure. The south side of the existing building is accessible from the west driveway. Shipping and Receiving operations will continue throughout construction. Please limit traffic on Gibbon Street between 15th and 19th streets to building users only. Always use caution around the construction site and construction vehicles, and observe all posted speed limits.

UniWyo Sports Complex/Rochelle Athletic Center -- Repairs to the air-handling unit are complete.

Wyoming Hall -- Repairs to a condensate line are complete.

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