Four Large Recycling Collection Bins Donated to UW

December 2, 2013
Large recycling bin
One of the four new large recycling bins recently donated to UW.

Wyoming Beverage Inc., a Pepsi manufacturer and distributor, recently donated four new outdoor collection bins to the University of Wyoming.

The new bins are located northwest of Coe Library, east of Hoyt Hall, south of the Biological Sciences Building and west of the College of Agriculture Building.

Each bin has eight different doors to deposit paper for recycling, two each for white paper, office pack, newspaper and magazines. These larger bins will allow for expanded collections in some high traffic areas, says Tod Scott, UW Custodial Services director.

“The four new bins will replace seven smaller existing bins that will be refurbished and then relocated to lower traffic areas that don’t have collection bins now,” Scott says.

He says Wyoming Beverage Inc. recently was selected as the exclusive beverage provider on campus. The company donated the bins to demonstrate its support of campus sustainability and to further strengthen the partnership with UW.

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