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Campus Construction Update for May 3

May 1, 2015
man using soil compacting machine at construction site
A worker pushes a Turtle soil compactor on the southeast side of the Half Acre Recreation and Wellness Center. (UW Photo)

These are among the construction activities scheduled May 3-9 at the University of Wyoming:

Wyoming Union Parking Lot (Simon Contractors, Cheyenne, August 2015) -- Phase 1 of the Union Lot Rehabilitation Project began April 24. The drive east of Half Acre will be closed to through traffic. Construction will begin in the northwest corner of the lot. Deliveries to the Union dock area will be detoured south of the existing dock entrance. TransPark buses will be redirected through the lot. Please use caution near crews and equipment. 

The UW Facilities Planning Office reports the following activities for the week:

Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts (General contractor Sampson Construction, Cheyenne; Fine Arts Building renovation and expansion; scheduled completion May 2015) -- The parking lot on the east side of the Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts is closed and is being used for construction staging. Building visitors should use the parking lot on the north side of the building. Those entering the Performing Arts Center must now enter through the doors on the building’s west side.

The parking lot south of the Performing Arts Center is now open on the east and will close again for asphalt repair May 18.

Flooring/wall tile, ceilings, electrical, plumbing and mechanical trim-out installations are complete in the majority of the north-side addition, with punch lists starting this week. Interior painting, trim-outs, flooring and ceiling clouds continue in the majority of the south-side addition. High work in the Thrust Theater is complete; lower framing and seating bowl concrete is complete, with drywall/taping and rigging continuing. Recital Hall shelf framing, upper painting and stage wood flooring installation are complete, with shelf finishing continuing. HVAC controls wiring and programming continue. The box office has moved to a temporary location just southeast of the old box office location. The Department of Theatre and Dance northwest office addition is complete, and offices are now occupied. Punch lists are nearly complete.

Work in the existing building will include contractor access through the west lobby and lower corridor leading to the new dance studio for new construction tie-ins. Air balancing is complete, with heating water balancing concluding mid-week. Heavy truck traffic will be frequent near War Memorial Fieldhouse, 22nd Street and Willett Drive, and along the road west of the College of Law Building.

Half Acre Gymnasium Addition and Renovation (General contractor Groathouse Construction Inc., Cody; Phase 1 east reconstruction/addition was substantially completed March 13; Phase 2, historic west renovation, summer 2015) -- Full project information is available here.

Phase 1 of the Half Acre Recreation and Wellness Center opened Monday, March 16. Punch-list tasks, building technology and transitional work toward Phase 2 renovation will continue post-occupancy. Pedestrian access to the new south building entrance from Prexy’s Pasture and from the east Wyoming Union parking lot has reopened. Please observe temporary barricades, cautionary signs or other posted instructions in areas where work will continue.

The west entrance is closed for Phase 2 renovation. Current renovation activity is primarily deconstruction work. Additional construction and staging areas are being established. Completion of Phase 2 renovation is now scheduled for late summer 2015.

Construction and staging areas north, east and west of the existing building have been established and are closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic, except that which is construction related. Pedestrian pathways north and south of Half Acre Gymnasium remain open; however, the continuing construction activities in this vicinity will result in increased congestion. Temporary traffic controls, barricades and signs will be established as needed by specific site activities. Please observe all posted traffic control, construction signs and temporary flagging in the affected areas.

Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center
-- Laboratory 322 (General Contractor: Marshall Contracting, Laramie) -- Renovation work to support research activities is underway. Interior framing is complete, with mechanical and electrical work ongoing. Though the majority of construction activities will be confined to the room, noise and vibration can be expected in adjacent spaces.

-- Exhibits (Designer: Ozark Museum of Natural History, Cedar Creek, Mo.) -- Installation of museum-style exhibits throughout the building is scheduled to resume the week of May 4. Some noise and dust in various locations may occur during the process.

-- Sculpture Installation (Artist: Walczak & Heiss, Brooklyn, N.Y.) -- Installation consists of cast metal sculptures of animals placed around the building site and interior. Each sculpture will have an internal mechanism for viewing unique video-based content. Installation is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of May 11.

Michael B. Enzi STEM Facility (General contractor AP Wyoming, Cheyenne; Lewis Street between 10th and 11th streets; scheduled completion May 2015) -- Please note that this project is being managed and administered by the State Construction Office. The intersection of 11th and Lewis is open for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The sidewalk on the south side of Lewis is open, and there is access to the Earth Science/EIC loading dock. Street repair work will be limited to gravel fill until spring.

Construction activity continues throughout the building, with storefront and curtain wall quickly replacing the temporary enclosure, providing weather enclosure for interior work. Installation of ceiling grid is complete on the first floor ahead of the ceiling tile and lights. Ceiling grid is underway on the second floor and is expected to start in corridors and public areas. Laboratory casework is being installed, along with lab tops, on the first and second floors. Remaining casework is stocked throughout the third floor, with some installation underway. Drywall finishing continues on the second floor ahead of painting. Wall framing is nearly complete, and drywall work is underway on the third floor. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are progressing on the third floor ahead of the drywall. Installation of stairs and elevators continues. Steel trim-out, including the installation of the cornice at the top of the exterior walls, is nearing completion. There will continue to be numerous man lifts around the perimeter of the building, allowing work to progress on the exterior building skin ahead of the masonry installation. The mason will continue to work on numerous areas of the exterior as site work and glazing systems allow.

Final exterior wall system shell enclosure is proceeding on all sides, with sheathing and masonry work. Roof membrane work is complete. Flashing and trim-out of the roof are proceeding on the penthouse and lower roofs as weather permits. Finishing of storefront and glass installation are proceeding on the west and east as weather and adjacent work permit. Curtain wall and glass installation will proceed on the north and south as adjacent work and weather permit. Materials are stocked on site, with installation proceeding as glass is fabricated. Work on the atrium interior walls and detail continues in conjunction with the rough-in of mechanical and electrical systems. Site work has started on the east along 11th Street. There will be disruptions to traffic on 11th Street between Lewis and Bradley streets due to site work on concrete and utilities on the east side of the street.

Watch for construction traffic on Lewis, 10th, 11th and Bradley streets. For safety, pedestrians should make eye contact with equipment operators and delivery drivers outside the fenced area so they are aware of their presence. There will be equipment moving materials from storage to site, along with ongoing delivery of materials to site from vendors. You can visit the webcam here.

The UW Physical Plant has 327 projects in progress valued at more than $44.8 million. Following is a list of ongoing construction activities in areas of campus that may impact you:

Campus -- Physical Plant crews will begin turning on campus irrigation sprinkler systems. Overspray could create slippery spots on sidewalks and driveways. Please use caution.

Uniwyo Sports Complex – (Ponder Company Inc., Denver, June 2015) -- The gym floor is scheduled to be resurfaced starting May 1. There will be no access to the gym May 1-June 1. Please use caution near crews and equipment.

History Building (A&R Metal Inc., Laramie, UW Physical Plant, May 2015) -- Work is scheduled May 5 to remove old exhaust fans from the roof and install two new units. Please use caution near crews and equipment.

Agriculture C (BASF Corporation, May 2015) -- The Master Builders Solutions branch of BASF will be applying a color-matched elastomeric coating to four different wall surfaces on the Agriculture addition to develop a warrantable process for resurfacing the building. Work is scheduled May 4-5. Traffic routes won’t be affected, and no equipment will be present.

Wyoming Union (UW Physical Plant, May 2015) -- Crews have begun minor upgrades around the east dining room. Please use caution near crews and equipment. 

Indoor Practice Facility (Laramie Heating & Sheet Metal, Laramie, May 2015) -- Hydronic unit heaters are being added to the building’s mechanical and storage spaces. Very little work will be conducted in the field area. Please keep mechanical rooms clear of stored materials.

Cowboy Field (Highland Landscaping, Laramie) -- The infield at Cowboy Field will be closed through May 15 to allow newly installed sod to properly take root. Please stay off of the infield grass.

Buchanan Center for Performing Arts (Arcon Inc., Laramie, July 2015) -- Parapet wall restoration has started. A staging area will be set south of the building, including areas of the parking lot. Please watch for crews and equipment and avoid work areas.

Health Science Living House (UW Physical Plant) -- Work will be ongoing to install a new valve box in the grassy area south of the retaining wall, weather permitting. Please use caution around the barricaded area south of the retaining wall.

Physical Sciences (Electrical Solutions, Laramie, April 2015) -- Work will be ongoing to upgrade LED lighting on the first and second floors. Please use caution near crews and equipment.

Beta House (UW Physical Plant) -- Work is in progress to replace a broken sanitary sewer main west of the building. Please use caution in this area.

Lewis Street (Mechanical Systems Inc., Cheyenne, July 2015) -- Pipe installation continues in the Green Hill Cemetery. Work in vaults along Lewis Street from 11th to 15th streets also continues. Please be aware of temporary barricades, crews and vehicles in the area.

Coe Library History Addition (UW Physical Plant) -- Painting operations in the northeast stairwell are ongoing. Use caution near crews and equipment.

White Hall (Arcon Inc., Laramie, April 2015) -- One hatch installation is pending. Patching and painting will occur when outdoor temperatures warm up. Please use caution around work areas.

Downey Hall (Arcon Inc., Laramie, April 2015) -- Replacement of insulation on the east-end soffit and replacement of soffit hatches are complete. Removal and repair of soffit vents and east-end painting will occur when outdoor temperatures warm up. Please use caution around work areas.

Centennial Complex (Marshall Contracting, August 2015) -- Renovations are ongoing in the existing kitchen and dining areas on the first floor of the complex. These areas will be renovated to be used as a classroom and studio to support the Art Museum’s K-12 programs and other education initiatives. Construction is mostly contained within the existing kitchen and dining areas. Please use caution around crews and equipment in the area.

Animal Science/Molecular Biology (Fremont Electric, Laramie, April 2015) -- Installation will be ongoing for LED retrofitting in the existing lights throughout the building. Work is anticipated to take several weeks.

Classroom Upgrades Project (UW Physical Plant; Spiegelberg Lumber & Building; JC Construction; Arcon Inc., Laramie, May 2015) -- Construction is underway in Wyoming Hall Rooms 204 and 434 and Engineering Room 1044. Please be aware of crews and equipment in the area of these classrooms.

History Building (Arcon Inc., Laramie, June 2015) -- Renovations to the first-floor restroom and Rooms 57, 60, 152, 155 and 156 are in progress. The first-floor restroom will be closed throughout the renovation. Please use caution near crews and equipment in the basement and first-floor areas.

Information Technology Center (Encore Electric, Englewood, Colo., June 2015) -- Improvements to the UPS system are ongoing. Work will be mainly above the ceiling space on the first floor, east side of the building. Local coordination will be via Jerome Lindsey. Please use caution near crews and equipment.

1217 Lewis St. Apartments (Summit Trucking and House Moving, May 2015) -- The apartments at 1217 Lewis St. have been removed. Foundation demolition and site work will be ongoing through May. Please use caution near this site.

College of Business/Coe Library (UW Physical Plant) -- Repairs to the concrete between the two buildings is complete.

Visual Arts (UW Physical Plant) -- Repairs to the sidewalk northeast of the building are complete. 

Student Health First Floor Reception (Marshall Contracting, Laramie, April 2015) -- Abatement work is complete.

Campus Greenhouse (Gem City Roofing, Laramie, April 2015) -- Replacement of the roofs of the shop and work room are complete.

Geology (Gem City Roofing, Laramie, April 2015) -- Shingle removal and repair at the gutter edge is complete.

Contact Us

Institutional Communications

Bureau of Mines Building, Room 137


Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: (307) 766-2929


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