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Campus Construction Update for June 10

These are among the construction activities scheduled June 10-16 at the University of Wyoming:

Ross Hall (UW Operations, Electric Shop) -- All power for Ross Hall will be shut down Wednesday, June 13, from 6 a.m.-5 p.m. for transformer replacements. The drive between Knight Hall and Ross Hall will be closed for equipment to provide assistance with the transformer replacement.

Core Campus Steam Shutdown (UW Operations) -- The annual campus steam shutdown will begin at noon Monday, July 16, and will continue through Aug. 20. Most campus buildings between 22nd and Ninth streets, and Ivinson and Lewis streets will not have hot water or steam during the shutdown. A portable boiler will be placed near the Washakie Dining Hall during the week of July 9 and remain on-site until Aug. 20.

Campus Irrigation (UW Operations) -- Crews will begin turning on irrigation systems throughout campus. Use caution, as some sidewalks could become slick. Please excuse the inconvenience of detours walking around campus.

Washakie Temporary Boiler (UW Operations; May 2018) -- Crews will excavate on the north side of King Street for new gas service, steam and condensate lines needed to hook up the temporary boiler, which will be located in the southwest corner of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. The boiler will be in place within the next few weeks and remain until the campus steam shutdown is complete for summer. Barricades and fencing will be in place. Excuse our mess. Please use caution around welding and heavy equipment in this area.

Merica Hall (May-June 2018) -- Interior painting and carpet replacement on the first and second floors is ongoing. Please use caution around the construction crew.

Old Main (Marshall Contracting; June 2018) -- Renovations will begin in June to the President’s Suite, converting two bathroom sections into one, as well as painting, new carpet and renovations to the boardroom. Please be aware of work crews in the building.

Ross Hall (UW Operations, Structural Trades) -- Construction is completed on phase one of the second floor of Ross Hall. Phase two in the east wing of the basement has begun. The area will be closed until the end of July. Please be cautious near the crews, and observe all posted closure notifications.

Physical Sciences Building Third Floor, WWAMI Cadaver Lab (Arcon Inc., Laramie; summer 2018) -- Finish work is nearing completion and installation of furnishings, fixtures and equipment has begun. A large piece of mechanical equipment is scheduled to be delivered and is to be set on the roof next Tuesday or Wednesday. This will block pedestrian and vehicular access across the north side of the Physical Science Building for a number of hours June 12 or 13. Use caution and make arrangements to avoid this area during that time. See attached map.

Mick and Susie McMurry High Altitude Performance Center (Construction manager at risk GE Johnson Construction Wyoming LLC, Jackson; June 2018) -- Within the existing facility, metal stud framing, drywall, mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are underway. All access to and egress from the Rochelle Athletics Center will be limited to the south entry doors. Construction of the north entry is underway. Traffic control, signs and barricades will be in place at the building interior and exterior during this process. Please use caution when near the project, and observe all construction signs.

Knight Hall (Big Huhnks Excavation; May 22-July 4) -- Replacement of sod after the sewer repair will begin. Some concrete replacement may also occur. Please be cautious around these crews. 

Science Initiative Building (Site clearing and demolition contractor, Stonehouse Inc., Laramie; summer/fall 2018) -- Franchise utility disconnects and relocations will start the week of June 25. Asbestos abatement in multiple buildings will start the week of June 25. The parking lot at 10th and Lewis streets will be permanently closed Saturday, June 30. Demolition activities will start in July. Please observe all construction signs, site fencing, overhead hazards and construction traffic.

Physical Sciences (MSI, May 29-Aug. 20) -- The area between the Physical Sciences and Health Sciences buildings will be closed for storm sewer work. Please be cautious around equipment and crews. See attached map.

Lot Maintenance (UW Operations, Structural Trades) -- Weather permitting, summer lot maintenance work will run through August. UW shops will stripe lots and curbs, and replace signs as needed across campus. Sections of the lots may be barricaded during the day as needed for safety. Work is scheduled for the East Express Lot the week of June 11. Please be cautious of crews and equipment in the area.

Engineering Education and Research Building (EERB) (Construction manager GE Johnson Construction Wyoming LLC, Casper; spring 2019) -- Installation of the stone veneer; exterior and interior metal stud framing, drywall and paint; mechanical/electrical/plumbing rough-ins, elevator commissioning, and roofing are all underway. Eleventh Street will be closed to traffic in both directions for the duration of the project. The ADA sidewalk ramp on the southeast corner of the Michael B. Enzi STEM Facility will be closed through June 24 for utility tie-ins. ADA access is still available on the southwest ramp, and no exterior building doors will be blocked. Please steer clear of heavy equipment, overhead conveying and delivery trucks parked on city streets. Please observe all construction signs.

Airport, Atmospheric Science (Big Horn Roofing, Laramie; June 2018) -- Re-roofing will be done over the office areas as weather permits. Please use caution around equipment and crews.

White Hall (UW Structural Trades, June 2018) -- Patching and painting will be done on the exterior soffit areas on northeast and southeast soffit locations. A new insulated door will be added in the south stairwell. Please use caution around work activities, and observe all construction signs.

Information Technology Building (Arcon Inc., June 2018) -- Exterior work is ongoing for a new chiller installation on the south side of the IT Building. Ivinson Street by the building may be temporarily blocked during normal business hours. Additionally, interior work continues on the southeast side of the building. Work crews will be transporting large equipment. Use caution around work crews.

Business Building (UW Structural) -- The UW Paint Shop has begun painting the hallways in the College of Business.

Health Sciences Building (Laramie Heating and Sheet Metal, Laramie; May 2018) -- The contractor is replacing two dampers and actuators in the corridor. There will be some noise and dust. Please use caution around crews.

Wyoming Union Third Floor, Veterans Services Center (Shepard Construction; summer 2018) -- Demolition and reconstruction will continue on the third floor through July. The south end of the west wing will be impacted primarily by the noise for the next few weeks. Exterior project staging is on the southwest side of the Wyoming Union. Please be cautious around crews and equipment in this area, and observe all construction signs.

Knight Hall (UW Operations, June 2018) -- Work has begun at the southwest entrance to reconstruct the flower planters and repair the exterior foyer ceiling plaster and deck area. Please be cautious around crews and equipment in this area, and observe all construction signs.

Central Energy Plant (CEP) (Arcon Inc., Laramie; May 2018) -- Construction fence is set up around the work area for replacement of the condensate tank at CEP. The sidewalk on the west side of 19th Street may be closed; the street will be blocked occasionally. Please be cautious of crews and equipment in the area.

Agriculture and Engineering Buildings (Summit Sealants, Montrose, Colo.; July 2018) -- Painting, caulking and minor repairs to the exteriors of Agriculture and Engineering will be ongoing through the spring, as weather permits.

Downey Hall (UW Structural Trades, June 2018) -- Initial phases of east-side soffit modifications and insulation addition, and access to add heat to the west-side soffit are underway, weather permitting. A new insulated door will be added in the east stairwell. Please use caution around work activities, and observe signs around the construction area.

Education Lab School (UW Operations) -- Painting will begin in June to start renovating the Lab School. Use caution around movers and painters when renovations begin. Construction on Room 120 to create a new wall will begin June 11. Asbestos abatement will start in different areas June 25 and continue throughout the summer. Please be aware of the work going on, and use caution in these areas.

McWhinnie Hall (Shepard Construction) -- Moving and construction will begin in Room 100 June 22. Please use caution in this area, as some items may occupy the hallway while crews are working.

The following projects are complete:

Engineering Building (UW Operations) -- Handrail repair on the north side of the building in the Lewis Street alleyway between 11th and 12th streets is complete.

Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts (Big Horn Roofing, Laramie) -- Roof replacement over the west end of the building is complete.

Knight Hall, Hoyt Hall, Ross Hall, Cheney International Center and Student Health (Big Huhnks Excavation) -- Sewer repair work in progress in these buildings is complete.

Hoyt Hall, Hoyt Hall West Parking (Big Huhnks Excavation) -- Access to the drive west of Hoyt Hall is open. Parking west of Hoyt Hall is open.



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Institutional Communications
Bureau of Mines Building, Room 137
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Phone: (307) 766-2929

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