Slate of Officers Presented for UWAANC 2019

2019 Officer Slate Presented for UWAANC

New Officers to Begin Positions in 2019

The current board of officers UW Alumni Association Nursing Chapter are finishing up their two-year term this fall. Thank you to Danielle Johnson (’13), President; Samantha Baker (’16), Vice-President; and Ruth Lewis (’16), Secretary. The Board has accomplished much – DANI’S LETTER!

The new slate of officers will be coming aboard in January. This year six individuals are on the board, teaming up "seasoned" alumni with newer alumni on each office as follows:


  • Holly Miller (RN-BSN Completion ’82; MS Nursing Education ’96)

  • Jenna (Woodard) Hluwood (BSN ’12; Clinical Nurse Educator MS ’16)


  • Jeanine Niemoller (BSN ’81; MS Nursing Administration ’96)

  • Sarah (Boyer) Schindler (BSN ’18)


  • Linda Williams (BSN, ’81; MS ’90)

  • Grace (Newman) Rhodes (BSN ’18)

If you are considered a member of the Nursing Alumni Association Chapter, you will be receiving a special email requesting your confirmation of this new Board. Be looking for the email this October 2018!

Read below about each of the six individuals noted above. We are fortunate to have them all eager to be involved!


Holly Miller (BSN '82; MS '96)

About Miller:

I received my BSN through UW’s RN-BSN Completion Program in 1982 and my MS in Nursing Education in 1996. Having worked 44 years in nursing, I retired in May 2018 after 30 years at the University of Wyoming Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing. I have lived in Laramie for 40 years and will continue to live in Laramie so I can be close to my family.

Miller's Hope for UWAANC:

I have more time now to get involved in the UWAANC and look forward to giving back to the FWWSON. I loved my tenure in nursing education and am very proud of our graduates. Collaborating with former students (who are now my nursing colleagues) will be very rewarding. I think it is important to keep our nursing alumni connected and involved with our school. Our current students can benefit from the knowledge, experiences, and confidence of our nursing alumni. Also, our nursing alumni can get different perspectives and renewed enthusiasm from our current students. My hope is to contribute to the mentoring and development of our current and future nursing colleagues.


Jenna (Woodard) Hluwood (BSN '12; MS '16)

About Hluwood:

I graduated in 2012 from the Basic BSN program and in 2016 from the Clinical Nurse Educator MSN program. Currently, I am working full-time in the NICU at Poudre Valley Hospital in my hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. I have also been lucky enough to garner an adjunct facility position at the University of Northern Colorado working with students in the Women's and Children's rotations.

My husband and I have celebrated two amazing years together so far and love traveling, hiking, backpacking, skiing, reading, paddle boarding, house projects, gardening, and playing with our two puppies. I am also learning to sew and have been writing some short stories!

Hluwood's Hopes for UWAANC:

My hopes during my tenure in office are to bolster UW nursing alumni connections amongst each other and also with current students allowing for even better networking opportunities. We have such a fantastic university supporting us through our nursing school career; I look forward to expanding that support to beyond graduation and inspiring alumni to continue to represent UW positively in the community. 


Jeanine Niemoller (BSN '81; MS '96)
Vice President-Elect

About Niemoller:

I graduated from UW Nursing Program in 1981 with a BSN and again in 1996 with a MSN with a Nursing Administration Focus. I retired in 2015 from the position as Administrator of Ivinson Memorial Hospital Extended Care Facility. I remain active with professional activities at UW including the “Friends of the Fay Whitney School of Nursing” Board and Wyoming Center for Nursing where I serve as the Vice Chair.

Niemoller's Hope for UWAANC:

I am a LIFE Member of the UW Alumni Association and was delighted when the Nursing Chapter was founded. I hope to serve and help the chapter grow into a large active group of nurses who share a profound pride in the School of Nursing.


Sarah (Boyer) Schindler (BSN '18)
Vice President-Elect

About Schindler:

I graduated from the Fay W Whitney School of Nursing Basic BSN Program in May 2018. After graduation, I wasted no time and got married two weeks later! We moved to Cheyenne where I accepted a position on the oncology/medical floor while also being in their nurse residency program. I started my job as a nurse in the beginning of July and feel I have already learned so much in this short amount of time.

In nursing school, I was also trying to get involved. I served as historian of UW Student Nurses’ Association my freshman and sophomore year, and was elected president of the SNA my junior year.

Schindler's Hope for UWAANC:

I think the Nursing Chapter of the UW Alumni Association is such an important organization because it gives an opportunity to get involved and to also give back to the students. I want to help build connections with fellow, past, and future nurses. I remember meeting with members of the this UWAANC board when I was in nursing school and thinking it was extremely helpful.

Being a student not so long ago I remember what it was like and would not only be willing and able to give advice but to also be a listening ear. I look forward to being involved with UWAANC, because I believe this organization has a great opportunity to be able to reach out and support others in our same field. I am extremely excited for this potential opportunity.


Linda Williams (BSN '81; MS '90)

About Williams:

I graduated from UW nursing programs—in 1981 with a BSN and in 1990 with my MS. I am currently teaching at the FWWSON in undergraduate programs on campus and online.

Williams' Hope for UWAANC:

I am looking forward to supporting the UW Nursing Alumni Association and helping to make this group active and recognized.


Grace (Newman) Rhodes (BSN '18)

About Rhodes:

I am currently working at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County in the OB Department.

Rhodes' Hope for UWAANC:

  I am looking forward to camaraderie with other nursing alumni!


For more about the UW Alumni Association Nursing Chapter, please click here.


Story posted: 10/3/2018

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