Hailey Unrein

SNA Officer

young woman with long brown hair sitting in ffront of red building

Hailey Unrein.
holds the office of
SNA Board, 2020-2021



Hi! I am Hailey Unrein and I'm the current Treasurer on the SNA Board. I am from a small town called Brush, Colorado. I am very excited about my future nursing career and hope to someday work in the emergency department or on a pediatric floor. I love excitement and kiddos, so either area would be a perfect fit for me! This year, SNA will look a little different than it has in the past, but all of us officers look forward to getting to know all the students in the nursing program. We are excited to plan and participate in events that will help nursing students network, socialize and form new friendships!


Page updated 12/15?2020

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