Join Program in Ecology and Evolution as a Faculty Member

Program in Ecology AND EVOLUTION

The PIEE Faculty consists of individuals who are active and productive researchers in ecology, committed to rigorous training of doctoral students in ecology, and members of the UW Graduate Faculty. We welcome inquiries and applications from interested UW faculty.

Requirements for faculty admission include:

1.  Status as a tenured or tenure-track Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor, or status as an extended-term-track or extended-term Academic Professional at the University of Wyoming

2.  Evidence of exception progress on the following:

          a. Publication of refereed articles in distinguished journals*

          b. Acquisition of grants and contracts

          c. Courses taught at the university level, relating to ecology

          d. Mentoring of graduate students

          e. Providing professional services to form leadership in the field


*All faculty applicants must meet the publication criterion.  Assistant Professors and Academic Professions must meet at least one of these four benchmarks.  Associate Professors must meet at least two benchmarks, and Full Professors must meet at least three.

Please refer to the bylaws for more information.


To Apply:

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the director, Dr. Melanie Murphy, via email or by phone (307) 766-5295. Applications should consist of a current CV, copies of 3-5 recent publications in ecology, and a brief letter of interest.  All materials will be reviewed by the Program in Ecology and Evolution's Steering Committee for approval.

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