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Transfer credit includes college courses accepted from other regionally accredited colleges or universities, including Wyoming community colleges.

Students transferring to the University of Wyoming should check their Transfer Evaluation on WyoWeb after the completed admission file has been sent to the Office of the Registrar and has been evaluated. The information presented here should help you understand both the evaluation procedure and the information provided on the transfer evaluation.

If you are entering UW for the first time, a link to your Transfer Credit can be found as one of the To-Do items in the Checklist of your Welcome page in WyoWeb. If you are a continuing student, follow these instructions to access it in WyoWeb.

To view your transfer evaluation, visit WyoWeb and complete the following steps:

1. Under WyoRecords, click on Students and log in.

2. Once you are logged in, click on the Student Records button.

3. Click on the Transfer Evaluation button.

The loaded coursework for each school will be shown, along with any UW equivalent, if applicable. The earned hours for each institution will be at the very bottom of the evaluation in "Total Transfer Hours." If no hours are listed and the statement "Evaluation in Progress - Not in History" appears, the Office of the Registrar has not completed the evaluation of course work.

Transfer Evaluation

The transfer evaluation contains information regarding both the course work as completed at another institution as well as the transfer equivalency information. Course work is listed by institution in chronological order, following your academic career as you completed the work. Course information (such as MATH 1000) listed to the left side of the evaluation details the classes accepted as they were completed at the other institution(s). Other information listed here includes the dates of completion, the hours completed, the grade listed on the transcript, and the University of Wyoming equivalent course (if applicable) and/or University Studies Program credit.

Transfer Equivalencies

There are four basic equivalencies for transfer work to the University of Wyoming:

Specific Courses at UW--Many of the courses transferred to the University of Wyoming transfer as specific UW courses, and are from that point forward recognized as UW courses (not by their transfer designation).

General Transfer Credit--If there is not a course at the University of Wyoming that is exactly like the transfer course, but that transfer course is considered to be college level work, the course will come in as general transfer credit. This means that you will receive all of the credit for completing the course, but that it doesn't necessarily fulfill a University of Wyoming requirement. We recommend that you discuss these general transfer credit courses with your adviser; he/she may be willing to use some of these general transfer credit courses within specific degree requirements.

University Studies Program (USP) Requirements--Sometimes the course fulfills the spirit of the University Studies, or general education, requirements without specifically matching a course already offered here at UW. If this is the case, the course is loaded as fulfilling a specific USP course code. For example, many writing courses from other institutions are recognized for fulfilling the C1 or C2 writing requirements at UW, but are not exactly like the writing courses offered here. Instead, the course is transferred as fulfilling the C1 or C2 requirement without necessarily having the direct equivalent.

Not Accepted--In rare instances courses transferred to the University of Wyoming are considered to be not acceptable. Reasons for this are detailed below. This means you will not receive any college/UW credit for this course work, and it is not listed on your transfer evaluation.

Transfer Exceptions

There are three basic exceptions for transfer work at the University of Wyoming:

Repeat Courses--Course work transferred to the University of Wyoming is evaluated against the UW rules for repeating courses, not the transfer institution. If a course is taken more than one time, only the last occurrence stands; the others will be repeated out of the student record and no course credit will be received for earlier attempts.

Excess Credit--The University of Wyoming limits total overall hours for specific types of courses, and this also may not have occurred at the transfer institution. If more hours are transferred than are accepted at UW, the additional credit will be excluded from the overall evaluation. For example, the University of Wyoming limits PE activity course credit to four total hours. If a student transfers six hours of PE activity, credit will only be given for the first four hours, and the last two hours will be considered excess credit.

Not Accepted--Credit that is not accepted is most often considered either technical in nature or remedial course work. Course work that is not academic, including such work as vocational training, construction, cosmetology, is not transferable and will not be listed on the transfer evaluation. In addition, work that is considered remedial, such as sentence structure or beginning or intermediate algebra, will also not transfer to UW and will not be listed on the transfer evaluation. The university accepts only academic courses in the study of religion similar to those offered by the Religious Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Transfer Credit from Regionally-Accredited U.S. Colleges and Universities

This web site allows students to look up courses that the University of Wyoming has previously accepted from regionally accredited U.S. institutions. When a direct match to a Wyoming course cannot be determined, general elective and/or University Studies credit is awarded.  Transfer courses which return values of “NA” in the UW Subject field are not transferable to UW. If a particular course is not found, that may simply mean that no one has previously attempted to transfer it in.  All new classes will be evaluated on an individual basis.  All new upper-division courses will initially be given upper-division general elective credit.  The university faculty will then determine whether or not an upper-division course has a direct UW equivalency.

Credit is awarded credit hour for credit hour. Quarter hours are recognized as two-thirds (2/3) of a semester hour.

Should a course be transferred as an elective, it may be substituted for a major requirement with adviser approval.  Elective courses may also be considered for University Studies requirements via the University Studies petition process.

The fact that a course appears in the list is no guarantee that the course will transfer in each individual case.  Students intending to transfer to UW are encouraged to meet with their advisors and review both the Transfer Catalog and the UW Bulletin when planning their program of study to ensure courses taken elsewhere will transfer to UW in their desired major. Final determination of transfer credit acceptance is made by the University Registrar and faculty.  Students must submit official transcripts of all completed coursework before a final determination can be made on credit transfer.

These equivalencies are subject to change without notice.

Transfer Courses Accepted from U.S. Colleges and Universities (instructions)

Wyoming Transfer Catalog

The following link accesses the Wyoming Transfer Catalog. The page allows searches of how courses from other collegiate institutions will transfer to the University of Wyoming (UW) or which UW courses may be offered at other institutions. Transfer courses which return values of “NA” in the UW Subject field are not transferable to UW. If a course is offered at another collegiate institution but is not found in the Wyoming Transfer Catalog, please feel free to contact the UW Office of the Registrar at or 307-766-5272 to inquire of the process to have new courses evaluated for transferability. Community college students intending to transfer to UW are encouraged to meet with their advisors and review both the Wyoming Transfer Catalog and the UW Bulletin when planning their program of study to ensure courses taken at the community colleges will transfer to UW in their desired major. UW advisors may apply transferable courses to individual major requirements in accordance with college/departmental policies.

Wyoming Transfer Catalog (instructions)

Information on Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES Standardized Subject Tests, and International Baccalaureate

Students showing proficiency by passing examinations such as the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP), for example, or examinations developed by University of Wyoming departments may earn college credit through the level of demonstrated proficiency. Credit may be allowed on the basis of any testing procedure acceptable to any department, which may include tests of the AP program and both the general and subject (specific) examinations of the College Level Examinations Program (CLEP). Please visit Credit Available to Undergraduate Students for more information.

Final Transcripts

If you are still completing work at another institution, final transcripts must be sent to the Admissions Office upon posting of final grades. Without that final transcript, all transfer work cannot be applied to your record here at UW. In addition, your file will be considered incomplete and an admissions hold will be placed on your account at UW, stopping you from enrolling in any more courses at UW until the final transcript has been received.

If you plan on completing more course work in the future at another institution, we would recommend that you contact the Office of the Registrar prior to registering for any classes. This will insure that the course work will indeed transfer to the University of Wyoming, and that it will transfer for a specific requirement or specific course if necessary. It is much easier to contact the Registrar's Office first than to fight to have a particular course accepted after you have completed all of the work. If you do complete additional work outside of UW, official transcripts must be sent directly from that institution to the University of Wyoming after grades have been posted.

Send transcripts to:

University of Wyoming Admissions
1000 E. University Avenue,  Dept. 3435
Laramie, WY 82071

Military Service Courses

Students who have served in the Armed Forces may be allowed transfer credit for courses taken in some military schools. Students who desire to apply for credit on the basis of their military schooling should submit a copy of their DD 214 form or AARTS/SMART transcript (or its equivalent) to the UW Admissions Office. The degree analysts in the Office of the Registrar determine whether the course work is transferable to UW. Evaluations for the granting of credit for military-based training is based on recommendations in the American Council of Education (ACE) guidelines.  Individual colleges will determine whether such course work is applicable to their degree programs.


If you have any questions about transfer work or the transfer evaluation process, please contact:

Office of the Registrar
West Wing, Knight Hall
(307) 766-3952

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