Updated April 12, 2022

Given the global nature of the University of Wyoming’s (UW) research enterprise, the Office of Research & Economic Development (ORED) will continue to monitor the fluid situation presented by the Coronavirus pandemic. Please consult UW’s Official Page for COVID-19 Communication for recent COVID-19 updates and policies related to vaccines, testing, travel, and resources.

ORED staff have been working remotely since March 2020 and some will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  As always, ORED staff are able to assist via phone, email, and Zoom. ORED is employing an in-office employee rotation schedule to provide for a few employees to be in the office each day of the week.  Office visitation with ORED staff should still be by pre-arranged appointment. 

Effective Monday, February 21, 2022 masks are no longer required in most indoor spaces at the University of Wyoming.  Masks are only required in campus offices when requested by the office occupant; for employees in UW’s Early Care and Education Center; and in medically related units. Masks are also required on UW Transit Service buses, in accordance with federal rules.


Incidence of COVID-19

As of the date of this posting, incidence of COVID-19 cases are low and many people have been vaccinated but the virus is not gone. If anyone in a research laboratory, facility, or field site experiences COVID-19 symptoms (coughing, fever, and shortness of breath), please stay away from campus, self-isolate, and check the UW COVID-19 webpage for testing resources and contact your health care provider. You are also encouraged to email or call 307-766-COVID (2683) to report your status. 


International Travel

A University designation of heightened risk travel will be assigned to locations that currently have a “Reconsider Travel” (Level 3) or “Do Not Travel” (Level 4) advisory rating from the U.S. Department of State and/or a “Avoid Non-essential Travel” (Warning Level 3,) advisory rating from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC). US Department of State/CDC may be a country-wide advisory or a region-specific advisory if the proposed travel falls within that region.

Before considering any international travel, please consult the US Department of State travel advisories website,, as well as the Centers of Disease Control advisories at

UW has formed the International Travel Risk Assessment Committee (ITRAC) to review and approve/disapprove requests for international travel.  The ITRAC shall be responsible for the review and authorization of university-sponsored international travel to locations identified as presenting a heightened risk to the health and safety of University students and personnel.  

The ITRAC shall also determine if an internationally conducted research, educational, or business opportunity should be suspended, either before or during its conduct, due to health or safety concerns. In making these determinations, the ITRAC shall balance the educational and/or research merits of the opportunity with its associated risk, with an emphasis on risk mitigation.

NOTE: Faculty, staff, and students are also required to register ALL University-purpose international travel through the travel registry.

The ITRAC uses the InfoReady Review system for submission of requests for any international travel as part of UW business, education, and research.

NOTE: ITRAC approval does not certify the safety of the proposed travel, only that the travel has an academic or research-related purpose and the known health and safety risks have been evaluated and can be been reasonably mitigated.