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What to Expect

Getting Ready for Saddle Up

Saddle Up is designed to be a comprehensive and immersive experience that will help prepare you for the adjustment to college coursework at UW. This type of preparation programming has been shown to have a positive effect on college graduation rates as students transition from high school to a university setting. You will be guided through a week-long schedule with plenty of opportunities to connect with faculty, staff, advisors, and of course, the classmates who will be part of your college journey over the next several years.



Important Dates

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Move-In Day

August 16, 2024

First-year students will arrive early to campus over one week before the fall semester begins on August 26. You'll check in at a Saddle Up station, be assigned to your Poke Pack group and receive all the details (and SWAG!) for the upcoming week.



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Weekend Community Building

August 17 - 18, 2024

Learn your campus and your classmates over the weekend as you take a tour and get to know your peer mentor, called a Poke Pack Leader, for the week of Saddle Up. You will also get to meet other students from your college who you'll likely have classes with throughout your time at UW!


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Saddle Up - Academic Prep

August 19 - 23, 2024

Students will partake in a week of skill-building, study sessions, and a course that will earn one college credit toward their degree. These essential touchpoints are designed to help pave the way for a successful journey at UW. Your individualized schedule will be assigned to you at check-in.




Camp Highlights


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Earning a College Credit

Since Saddle Up is required for incoming first-year, full-time students, you will earn one (1) college credit hour toward your degree after successfully completing the Saddle Up program.






Early Move-In - UW Residence Halls

Saddle Up will allow our first-year students to arrive to campus ahead of the fall semester. That's right! You'll get to settle into the residence halls over one week in advance of the fall semester. Students will arrive to check in* and move into the halls. Your housing assignments will be finalized at the end of July, so if you haven't started your housing contract yet for fall, now is the time!

More Info

**First-year students who have received an exemption from living in the UW residence halls will still be required to check in on campus on August 18 and participate during the full week of Saddle Up. Housing exemption notifications are sent to students weekly.

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Poke Pack Leaders

You and a small group of classmates will be assigned to a Poke Pack led by one of our student peer mentors called Poke Pack Leaders. Selected across various degree programs and colleges, these 150 student peer mentors will guide students throughout the week of Saddle Up.

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