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School of Culture, Gender & Social Justice




"Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives."

~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Understanding, Education, Empowerment

The School of Culture, Gender & Social Justice (SCGSJ) uses principles of inclusivity and interdisciplinarity to offer a range of educational opportunities for students and community members. Combining academic expertise with community engagement, the SCGSJ seeks to use education to foster understanding in order to build strong, inclusive communities that are empowered to engage in innovative, collaborative and collective efforts to bring about positive, transformative, change.

In addition to its traditional classes, and academic majors and minors, the SCGSJ offers a number of educational initiatives and opportunities for community engagement and dialogue. All are welcome to join our inclusive, solutions-oriented community. Please see below for opportunities.

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SCGSJ Transformative Initiatives

  • Black Studies Center

    UW Black Studies Center
    The UW Black Studies Center (UWBSC) spotlights the truth that advancing the precise histories of black people contributes to the University of Wyoming's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. The UWBSC strives to become a model that places Black Studies in rural areas at the forefront of the conceptualizations of race. By engendering a more robust understanding of Black Studies, the UWBSC seeks to enhance the visibility and relevance of Black Studies and its capacity to directly impact contemporary social issues that plague America and the greater global community. Click here for more information.
  • Rural Social Justice Center

    Rural Social Justice Center
    Building on its strong interdisciplinary tradition and unique positionality as part of the School of Culture, Gender, and Social Justice at the University of Wyoming, the Rural Social Justice Center brings together scholarship, research, and creative endeavors, community education, engagement, and activism centered on rural spaces and rural issues in order to further understanding and develop solutions to today’s most pressing social justice problems and to engender positive, transformative, change.
  • Community Conversations Speaker Series

    Community Conversations Speaker Series
    The SCGSJ Community Conversations Speaker Series seeks to provide opportunities for dialogue and education related to issues of culture, gender, and social justice. With an emphasis on fosetering community, and a focus on research and scholarship, the Community Conversations Speaker Series encourages robust discussion and collaboration, while providing education on a range of issues, in a format open to anyone wishing to learn.

SCGSJ Course Highlights

In any given semester, the School of Culture, Gender, and Social Justice (SCGSJ) offers interdisciplinary courses that help students understand the historical, social, political, and cultural forces that shape society. SCGSJ courses help students understand complex social phenomena in a way that prepares them to be real-world problems solvers, capable of developing innovative solutions to society's most difficult issues and prepared to lead transformative, collaborative, work in any field they choose.  Whether you are looking to better understand the many social justice issues you see in the news each day, or are looking for ways to make a positive difference, the SCGSJ offers a range of classes for those interested in social justice.

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