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Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math Science - TRIO

go places with us!

At Upward Bound, we’re going places and we want you to join us.

Even though no one in your immediate family has a degree, you can still be the first to go to college. Even though you don’t come from money, you can still have access to experiences that life has to offer.

When you become a member of Upward Bound, you’ll go places that will expand your perspective and broaden your horizons, like eye-opening college tours that give you a view into higher education, on-campus summer programs that give you a real college experience, and mind-expanding career visits and field trips that reveal possible pathways for your life.

With an Upward Bound coordinator by your side, you’ll get focused, personalized attention so your unique needs are met. A mentor who’s a consistent, guiding presence in your life. A sense of community to help you on your journey.

With unwavering support from the Upward Bound team, you’ll get consistent homework help after school every week, preparation for scholarship and college applications when you need it, and ongoing academic support, to keep you on the path to college. When you get good grades, you’ll earn monthly cash awards. And if you’re interested in math or science, you may be on the way to an exciting future in a career that’s in demand.

When you enroll in Upward Bound, you’re bound for college and beyond. Wherever it is that YOU choose to go, we’ll be right there with you.

Upward Bound. Go places with us.


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Upward Bound
Dept. 3808
1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY. 82071
Knight Hall, Room 330 (Main Office)
Phone: (307) 766-6189