Hydrogen Energy Research Series

The Hydrogen Energy Research Center (H2ERC) in the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources (SER) partnered with Cardiff University in Wales, United Kingdom, to launch a webinar series that focuses on emerging topics in hydrogen energy.

The seminar series was created to provide a discussion and networking platform for researchers at Cardiff University and UW who have interests in hydrogen energy research. The seminars will cover topics related to all aspects of hydrogen energy and its integration into the whole energy system. Science, engineering, economics, and public and policy challenges related to hydrogen energy and its value chain will be covered in future seminars.

cardiff and h2erc

The series is being led by the University of Wyoming's Hydrogen Energy Research Center (H2ERC) and the Net Zero Innovation Institute at Cardiff University. 

The Hydrogen Energy Research Center (H2ERC) aims to lead applied research and collaborate with Wyoming stakeholders to support growth of a hydrogen industry focused on serving the state’s existing energy customers and growing new markets. Research in H2ERC focuses on all forms of clean hydrogen including low-cost coal via gasification, natural gas resources via methane reforming, high-capacity wind energy via electrolysis, potential for solar, nuclear, and more. 

The Net Zero Innovation Institute provides the innovation and technology needed in areas of energy, hydrogen and ammonia, transport, water, construction and digital mediums, and engages with society, industry and government about how best to accomplish these new developments. By applying an interdisciplinary approach across areas including physical sciences, engineering, built environment, social sciences, arts and humanities, biosciences and geosciences and planning, the Insitutute supports industry, government, and the third sector through high impact Welsh-based research and innovation.

All presentations are available to view on the UW school of Energy Resources YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/@uwser3720 

Images below are linked directly to each recording. 

h2 seminar series 1

April 2023 Presentation:

"Hydrogen Energy Seminar Series Introduction" by Eugene Holubnyak, University of Wyoming and Meysam Qadrdan, Cardiff University

h2 seminar 2

May 2023 Presentation:

"CCUS to Advance a Hydrogen Industry" by Dr. Fred McLaughlin, University of Wyoming

h2 seminar 3

June 2023 Presentation:

"Insights of a Future Using Green Ammonia for Power" by Dr. Agustin Valera-Medina, Cardiff University

discussion session 4September 2023 Discussion Session:

"Disucssions in Hydrogen and Energy Systems"

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